INSANE (2010) Reviews and overview


‘Pay to check in – Pray to check out

Insane is a 2010 Swedish horror thriller feature film directed by Anders Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist from a screenplay co-written with Nathan Berry, Mikael Fuchs, based on a storyline by Henrik Koelman. The movie stars Lars Bethke, Alida Morberg and Johanna Leamo.


A lonely hotel by a lonely road. Sarah is lost, looking for somewhere to sleep. She’s come to the wrong place. A lonely hotel by a lonely road. Sarah is lost, Jenny is looking for her. She’s come to the right place. The Bridgeburn Hotel…


“Still it is a slasher flick and is beset with a lot of the slasher limitations such as rote predictability, a villain who appears to be superhuman for whatever reason, some stiff performances to counter the decent performances we already mentioned, and some shaky pacing here and there.” Film Critics United

“This is ridiculously straightforward stuff and it is impossible not to compare it to Psycho which it is clearly aping. The killer lacks depth and there are so few characters in the film that there’s no room for red herrings. The location is quite cool and the hotelier acts his part quite well but there’s nothing particularly special about this.” Eat Horror

“The effects are gory and graphic, the score is good, the acting decent. The directing is great… that leaves us with the script. I don’t mind the Psycho-esque ripoff-ish story but the last half of the movie feels a bit fragmented, like it looses the touch with the story line.” Schmollywood Babylon

“Gore and blood? Yes, it’s a gory show […] Everything is very well done and fits the tone of the movie. Shot digital, this is a stylish and handsome production. It feels very Swedish, very IKEA.” Ninja Dixon

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