Dark Cove – Canada, 2016 – reviews

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“Sex, drugs, murder… wanna go camping?’

Dark Cove is a 2016 Canadian horror thriller film written, directed by and starring Rob Willey, from a storyline co-written with Dennis Willey. It also stars Cameron Crosby, Rob Abbate and James Anderson.

Five friends go camping on the rugged coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Things start to go seriously wrong while partying with two Australian surfers…

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” …more of a character piece where you might think you’ve got everything figured out time and again … for the plot to take things in an entirely different direction almost immediately – to the point that there is no clear villain in the cast of characters until VERY late. So don’t expect a formula movie here…” Search My Trash

“Once the dark stuff starts happening, the unbelievable behaviour simply becomes inexplicable. I won’t go into detail and spoil it for you but it’s pretty hilarious, as everyone’s acting kicks into overdrive and completely at odds with normal behaviour. It’s actually enjoyable for all the wrong reasons.” UK Horror Scene

Dark Cove has a lot of different issues that could have been tightened up while shooting as well as in post-production. Yet even knowing that this one isn’t a highly polished production with big bucks behind it, I can really respect the fact that everyone involved makes a legit run at creating something special.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“It is really in the scripting, pacing and acting that the flick comes a cropper. I’m all for slow build-ups when necessary, but here it takes over 45 mins for anything to actually happen. Prior to that it’s all unnatural sounding dialogue interspersed with gurning juvenalia and crude attempts at humour.” Flickering Myth

Main cast:

  • Rob Willey
  • Cameron Crosby
  • Rob Abbate
  • Montanna McNalley
  • Ty Stokoe
  • Jules Cotton
  • James Anderson
  • Eliot Bayne

Filming locations:

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. Any word on when they’re gonna release this one? I know that the most recent “set to be released date” was August 2, 2017, yet here we are once again with a horror film’s release date not coming to fruition .. This is happening way more frequently than not with films being shelved for extremely long durations of time..WTF?.. I don’t get it, in that yes, I understand that a film can be completed but not yet have distribution, but with many of these they have received distribution(hence where/when release date is based), yet that date comes and goes with the film still sitting somewhere, stuck on a shelf..?

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