SCARECROWD (2015) Reviews and overview


‘Farm-to-table manslaughter’

Scarecrowd – originally titled The Musk – is a 2015 Italian-American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by George Nevada (Jack the St. Ripper). The Melting Pictures production stars Fabrizio Occhipinti, Gabrielle Bergère and Antony Ferry.


After coming coming into contact with a radioactive meteorite, Farmer Tony Maio turns into a fierce mutant. Disguised as a scarecrow in order to hide his appearance, he starts to kill people to satisfy his bloodlust…


Scarecrowd was released on DVD in the USA by SRS Cinema on November 21, 2017.



“Coming in at around 75 minutes and with little (especially conversational) dialogue, the film is delightfully bad in just the right way and can firmly be placed in schlocky 80s horror territory with a clear comic book (and fumetti) influence complementing the B-movie nature of the film […] it was a nice surprise to see that writer and director George Nevada manages to insert genuine moments of emotion…” Cosi Perversa

Main cast:

  • Fabrizio Occhipinti
  • Gabrielle Bergère
  • Antony Ferry
  • Ruby Miller
  • Frances Williams
  • Danny Willis
  • Raphael Willis

Filming locations:

Foggia and Anagni, Frosinone Province, Latium, Italy
Red Rocks Park, Jefferson County, Colorado, USA

Fun Facts:

The film is reported to have cost $40,000.

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