HELLRISER (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘When there’s no more room in Hell… Hell will rise’

Hellriser is a 2017 British horror film written and directed by Steve Lawson (KillerSaurus; Survival Instinct). The Creativ Studios production stars Steven Dolton, Charlie Bond and Nathan Head.

The film is a sequel to The Haunting of Annie Dyer aka Nocturnal Activity (2014).

When their city is rocked by a series of brutal occult murders, veteran detective John Locke and his young partner Terri Keyes are forced to put aside their differences and follow the trail of evidence to a formerly abandoned asylum, where the new owner Doctor Unnseine is conducting his own brand of sick “medical research” on the unwilling inmates…

One such inmate, the alluring yet deadly Annie Dyer, may hold the key to the murders – and to the doorway to Hell itself – if only Locke and Keyes can stay alive long enough to discover what it is…

In the UK, Hellriser was released on DVD by 88 Films on 9 October 2017.

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” …Steve Lawson manages to pepper in intentionally humorous dialogue and moments without breaking the tonal consistency of the film and the result of this is a film that is comfortable with its limitations while maximising those areas that don’t cost money – namely decent writing and great timing.” Midlands Movies

“From the pitch perfect spark between Detectives Locke and Keyes, to a shower sequence that manages to outdo Fred Olen Ray in his pomp, there’s a lot to satisfy the casual horror fan. If there’s a weak spot however, I’d have to lay it at the goose-stepping foot of Doctor Unnseine who did stretch my tolerance for pastiches of crazy German scientists, but it’s a minor gripe that does little to temper the positives.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

Hellriser probably didn’t cost that much more than Annie Dyer, but it’s a lot more ambitious – admittedly this is a relative term. The lighting concept is pretty good (especially the final scenes) and the classic 80s B movie elements (shower scene, dismembered limbs, gag script etc) are all to the fore.” David Dent, Dark Eyes of London

“Raven Lee returns as Dyer and spends the majority of the film either being tortured, in a state of undress getting plenty of ‘lady love’ or wreathing orgasmically on her bed like she has ants in her pants […] Overall Hellriser has loads going for it such as the obligatory blood, boobs, chopped up bodies and plenty of dry ice to give it bags of atmosphere.” The Man with the Plan

Main cast:

  • Steven Dolton – The Curse of Robert the Doll; Devil’s Tower; Zombie Undead
  • Charlie Bond – Dead Air; Slumber; Strippers vs Werewolves; et al
  • Nathan Head – Ouijageist; Theatre of Fear; Virus of the Dead
  • Raven Lee – The Haunting of Annie Dyer
  • Andrew Coughlan – Survival Instinct
  • Evadne Fisher
  • Georgia Annable
  • Emmeline Kellie
  • M.J. Simpson (Toxic Apocalypse; Immune, Mr. Blades)
  • Marcus Langford

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