DARKROOM (2013) Reviews and overview


‘Home is where the hate is’

Darkroom – aka Dark House – is a 2013 American horror thriller feature film produced and directed by Britt Napier from a screenplay written by Michaelbrent Collings (Barricade). The movie stars Elisabeth Röhm, Kaylee DeFer and Geneva Carr.


Michelle takes a job recommended by her counsellor that lands her trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on purging Michelle of her sins…

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“Each of the performances were convincing enough, with DeFer and Röhm easily my favorites. I also liked the pacing in Darkroom, and was never left wanting for any action or something to happen. With very little investment on the part of the viewer, entertainment is assured with solid acting; interesting story; enough bloodshed and drilling to keep most horror fans happy.” Influx magazine

“So this movie perhaps may sound like a pretty decent, run of the mill, torture p*rn flick. And yes, you can say that 70% of this movie is torture, only problem, however, is that the movie hardly showing you anything. What’s the point of doing a movie like this if you’re not going to show anything?” Boba_Fett1138

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“The performances are competent, the writing is (mostly) solid, and it’s original, as horror movies go. Despite torture being a major plot point, the gore is fairly light and easy to stomach. The film is short (only an hour and eleven minutes before credits), but it doesn’t feel undeveloped.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“The back half of the screenplay needed to keep rolling with initial ideas about having something meaningful to say and a creative way to say it. Instead, Darkroom settles for a level of mediocrity that dooms it to be an unfortunate piece of flotsam floating in an already crowded sea.” Culture Crypt

“Fans of thrillers and smaller horror features are encouraged to seek out a copy of this film, which uses mystery to draw you in and solid conflict to keep you enthralled. Twisted and tense, Darkroom will excite most fans of the genre. And, that excitement runs through much of the film.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“There was so many better ways to do this film instead of setting it up like Hostel and torturing them each in a dark room is just cliche. If they had done something like bring them to a mental breakdown from forcing them to see their horrible deeds then it would have been so much better.” Canticle Cinema House Movie Review

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Cast and characters:

Elisabeth Röhm … Rachel / Nancy – Lake Placid: The Final Chapter; Ghost Image
Heléne Yorke … Kristen (as Helene Yorke)
Tobias Segal … Daniel
Kaylee DeFer … Michelle – Bones; Ghost Whisperer
Geneva Carr … Mother – Ava’s Possessions
Christian Campbell … Larry
Britne Oldford … Jean
Bess Rous … Melanie
Natalie Knepp … Lauren
Steve Stanulis … Guy
Michael Sirow … Eric
Bonnie Bentley … Josylyn
Natalie Wetta … Alison
Luke Trevisan … Young Daniel
Kristina Hess … Girlfriend

Technical details:

81 minutes