THE UNNAMABLE II (1992) Reviews and overview

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The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter – aka The Unnamable Returns – is a 1992 American horror supernatural feature film written, produced and directed by Jean-Paul Ouellette.

The film incorporates elements from the short story ‘The Statement of Randolph Carter’ by H.P. Lovecraft, and is a sequel to Ouellette’s The Unnamable (1988). It stars Mark Kinsey Stephenson, Charles Klausmeyer, Maria Ford and John Rhys-Davies.

Outside the Winthrop house, it is swarming with police officers and medics. Howard is being wheeled into an ambulance, Tanya is put into a police car, and Randolph is carrying Joshua Winthrop’s book of spells, which he gives to Howard for safe keeping. Randolph confronts the Dean, but it told not to dabble in things that he could never understand. However, Professor Warren agrees to help.

Howard is dragged along and the three go to the spot where Randolph erupted from the ground in the first film. Eventually, Warren and Carter find Alyda, Joshua Winthrop’s demon daughter wrapped up in the roots of the tree that dragged Alyda out from the house…

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“Its one flaw, which was intentionally ridiculous, is its 1920’s academic stuffiness. Carter and crew are almost unbelievably prim and proper, even with a beautiful nude girl who refuses to get dressed in their midst reflecting Lovecraft’s social ideals even though the film is set in modern times. The demon effects and gore are wonderful. Unnamable II is a horror romp, more fun than frightening.” Sorrell’s Creepshow

” …Jean-Paul Ouellette fails to understand matters like plot and this only proves to be a pretext to have the demon killing off various people. The creature effects are the best thing about the film. With its corny dialogue and portentous seriousness, the exercise sits just below the threshold of becoming outrightly laughable.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“All in all, this movie has a lot going for it aside from Maria Ford’s nudity. It’s funny in many ways, but sadly not the least bit frightening. The filmmakers tried to capture the spookiness of Lovecraft’s stories, but couldn’t pull it off. The hokey music was probably their biggest mistake…” Krogenar, Buried Planet

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“Unfortunately, the sinister grace of Katrin Alexandre’s she-demon from the first film is sorely missing. Julie Strain’s take on the creature is like herself, bigger and more athletic, and the overall feel is less like Lovecraft and more like a commonplace monster that’s escaped from a Brothers Grimm fairytale. That said, Unnamable II is still a fun ride…” Andrew Migliore and John Strysik, Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema of H. P. Lovecraft 

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Choice dialogue:

Doctor: “Whatever did this was using big teeth. Or some sort of tool.”

Doctor: “Remember the Dunwich thing? This may be something similar.”

Cast and characters:

  • Mark Kinsey Stephenson as Randolph Carter
  • Charles Klausmeyer as Howard
  • John Rhys-Davies as Professor Warren (Aux; Anaconda 3; Chupacabra: Dark Seas; Waxwork)
  • Julie Strain as Creature (BleedHow to Make a MonsterSorceress; Psycho Cop 2)
  • David Warner as Chancellor Thayer (In the Mouth of Madness; Necronomicon; Body Bags; WaxworkThe Omen; et al)
  • Shawn T. Lim as Robert
  • Siobhan McCafferty as Officer Debbie Lesh
  • Richard Domeier as Officer Malcolm Bainbridge
  • Brad Blaisdell as Officer Ben Lesh
  • Kevin Alber as Jack




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  1. This vulgar sequel(to the 1988 slasher) sucks like raw egg!
    It has nothing to do with Lovecraft, just another sleazy imitation of Terminator, whom this film’s director worked on as well – – – and it shows in such an obvious way.

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