LEGACY OF THORN (2014) Reviews and overview


‘Tonight everyone dies!’

Legacy of Thorn – aka Thorn – is a 2014 British slasher horror feature film co-produced, written, edited, photographed and directed by MJ Dixon (Pandamonium; The Haunting of Molly Bannister; Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown; Slasher House and sequel). The movie stars Jade Wallis, Mem Ferda and Paris Rivers.

A sequel, Mask of Thorn, followed in 2019.


Four years ago, Jessica was an attractive, popular, high school girl when, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she and her friends faced a deadly nightmare when the local urban legend known only as Thorn became a terrifying reality. Thorn descended on her school conducting a bloody massacre from which she barely escaped with her life, if not her sanity, intact.

Four years later, she and a band of survivors resolve to face the unstoppable creature once and for all, to put an end to their torment and avenge the deaths of his victims. But can the monster ever be truly stopped and will they discover the secrets of Jessica’s mysterious past and why she is the one cursed with the Legacy of Thorn?

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” …the film ditches linear storytelling in favour of a series of flashbacks to gradually enrich its storyline with more and more interesting details but also give its characters more depth and heighten the whole thing’s creepiness. Now add to this expert pacing, an atmospheric direction and a competent ensemble cast, and you’ve got yourself a very tight movie…” Search My Trash

“As with Slasher House, coloured lighting adds style to the prowling camerawork and by carefully shooting using a lot of close-ups, tension is created by closed framing with the added bonus of obscuring any ropey FX work – allowing the audience to think they see more than they actually do.” Love & Pop

Legacy of Thorn has a sense of fun that runs throughout. It’s also highly original and has a lot of fresh ideas. At times you feel like you’re watching the live-action Manga film you always dreamed of. All in all, it’s a highly enjoyable and entertaining experience.” Horror Movies Uncut

“What could be a stylish and atmospheric reworking of the classic slasher film genre is besmirched by a script that lacks subtlety and style and is drowned out by the wails of actors with scant attire and even scantier talent. Less Hammer more clanger, I feel.” Britflicks

“Impressive, ambitious and largely successful, not to mention unashamedly entertaining for all gorehounds – especially those looking for something with both style and substance – Legacy of Thorn is definitely worth seeking out.” Cult films and the people who make them

Main cast:

Jade Wallis, Mem Ferda, Paris Rivers, Craig Canning, Jane Haslehurst, Aaron Jeffcoate, Stephanie Jezard, Evie Constanti, Alex Tamaro, Richard Daniel Thomas Holloran, Dave Laurie, Nathan Head, Eirian Cohen, Sam Cullingworth, William Marshall, Damian Morter, Kellyann Swift, Melissa Hollett.

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