The Attic – Thailand, 2017 – overview

‘Shhh… can you feel it?’

The Attic is a 2017 Thai supernatural horror feature film directed by Kaprice Kea from a screenplay co-written with Chanaphon Rinla. The River Kwai Bridge Films production stars Pla Komaratat, Lawrence de Stefano and Gun Osathanugrah.


In the suburbs of Bangkok, a modern town-house, left vacant, becomes home to a single-mother with a young girl. But, a relationship between the mother and the house’s ex-pat owner, incites a troubled spirit residing upstairs. A young girl, Lily, becomes tormented by a dark, evil force…

Main cast:

  • Pla Komaratat
  • Lorenzo de Stefano
  • Gun Osathanugrah
  • Nutchanun Mahingsa
  • Ice Natcha


In the US, the The Attic is available through Green Apple Entertainment via Redbox.


Not to be confused with The Attic (1980)

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