Slumber – UK/USA, 2017

‘Whatever you do don’t close your eyes’

Slumber is a 2017 British-American horror feature film directed by Jonathan Hopkins from a screenplay co-written with Richard Hobley. Its stars Maggie Q, Kristen Bush and Sam Troughton.

A sleep doctor (Maggie Q) is haunted by the mysterious nocturnal death of her younger brother. While performing a routine examination on a traumatized family with sleeping problems, Alice is attacked by the father in his sleep.

The latter is arrested, and blamed for causing the family’s sleep issues, but when he is thrown into jail, and the problems get progressively worse, Alice is forced to abandon scientific rationale and accept that the family is being terrorized by a parasitic demon who feeds on the weak whilst they sleep: the Night Hag.

In order to defeat the dark spirit, Alice must journey into her own nightmares and confront her childhood demons…

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“It comes as a relatively cool new twist on the growing subset of sleep-based horror/thrillers that, refreshingly, we’ve not seen in the past. And it’s precisely this aspect that notches the flick a slight cut above the rest. Even when Alice begins to flashback to her own petrifying past, the link between her childhood trauma and her new family of patients feels credibly explicated by the end…” Jake Dee, Arrow in the Head

Main cast:

  • Maggie Q
  • Kristen Bush
  • Sam Troughton
  • Will Kemp
  • Sylvester McCoy – Doctor Who
  • William Hope
  • Honor Kneafsey
  • Grace Schneider
  • Susan Fordham
  • Adam Lazarus
  • Mark Preston
  • Lindy Pieri
  • Vincent Andriano
  • Shane Nolan
  • Charlie Bond

Slumber was released in the US on 1 December 2017.


This film should not be confused with the 2017 film of the same name directed by Darrell Wheat.


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