RUQYAH: THE EXORCISM (2017) Overview


Ruqyah: The Exorcism is a 2017 Indonesian supernatural horror film directed by Jose Poernomo (JailanGkung; TarotThe Uninvited; et al). The MD Pictures-Pichouse Films production stars Evan Sanders and Celine Evangelista.

Mahisa (Evan Sanders) wants to help a film artist named Asha (Celine Evangelista) who confesses to feeling harassed by spirits. At first, Mahisa does not believe Asha, but too many strange events occur, making Mahisa sure that Asha was possessed by supernatural beings.

A famous ustad (priest) tries to perform ruqyah (exorcism) to cleanse Asha’s soul. But it turns out what pervades Asha is not easily released and starts attacking Mahisa too. Furthermore, it turns out pervades Asha is destined to be a “charmer” to be liked by many people, thus making Mahisa also interested in Asha who already has a partner…