Wake the Dead – USA, 2017

‘What’s hidden in this house should never have been found’

Wake the Dead is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Michael Luceri (producer of The Evil Within). It stars Nadia Gillespie, Justin James Hughes and Rita Considine.

After a near death experience as a child, Kristin was left scarred with a terrifying connection to the spirit world. She now uses any means necessary to block her connection and live a normal life.

However, when Kristin and her fiancé move into their dream home, a remodeled house originally built in 1911, Kristin finds that the house holds a dark past with a dangerous spirit presence, and the walls she’s spent a lifetime building to protect herself are now breaking down…

Main cast:

  • Nadia Gillespie – Sweet Insanity
  • Justin James Hughes – Paranormal Monster’s Society (TV series); Bones
  • Alexa Etchart
  • Victoria Savage
  • Rita Considine
  • John Murray – A Darker Reality
  • Halstan Williams
  • Yoji Cole
  • Andrea Jackson
  • Jon Watt
  • Shawna Sourivanh
  • Eric Ziemann
  • Jennifer Olsberg
  • Nicholas Bendz
  • Ryan Ford

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