‘This ain’t no fairytale’

Rodents of Unusual Size is a 2017 American documentary film directed by Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer. Wendell Pierce provided the narration.

The fragile wetlands of Louisiana are under relentless attack by legions of 20 pound semi-aquatic invasive rodents known as the nutria, which have greatly accelerated coastal erosion and made the bayou much more vulnerable to hurricanes.

Keeping the giant swamp rats at bay are a group of colorful and off-beat residents, who are in the midst of defending their land, culture, and way-of-life.

Invasive species, environmental issues, and a unique group of people are colliding at the edge of the world in an attempt to restore and protect coastal Louisiana before it disappears…

Rodents of Unusual Size premieres on November 15th at DOC New York City 2017


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