ZBURBS aka ZOMBAE (2017) Reviews and overview

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ZBurbs is a 2016 American comedy horror film written and directed by Greg Zekowski (The Walking Dead: Red Machete). Re-released as Zombae in 2022.

The movie stars Marieh Delfino (The Invitation; PenanceJeepers Creepers 2), Gina Hecht and Bill Oberst Jr.


When a suburban housewife discovers that her husband has become a zombie with an appetite for human flesh, she decides to make it work by feeding him! But only bad people, until the government discovers – he could be a great weapon. Now they must make a tough decision…


“After the shadowy government agents enter the fray, all bets are off and Zburbs seems to revel in how delightfully nutty it can get.  It didn’t exactly blow me away, but if everything blew me away it would get awfully tiresome. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back be pleasantly entertained for a while.” HK and Cult Film News

” …the humor arrests the more gruesome aspects and neither feels forced. Supporting characters that lend credence to the narrative help. Dan Copland as a miserly landlord gets some laughs in while Clint Carmichael steals the show as Agent Baxter. The real surprise though is Gina Hecht as Agent Morse, a soldier to the end.” The Movie Sleuth

ZBurbs is an inoffensive enough film to watch, and the comedy must surely appeal to someone, however to me I just didn’t get it, I appreciate the main thread line was entertaining enough but I didn’t get on with any of the main cast, and I found the single location to be a pretty bland place to see out the apocalypse.” The Rotting Zombie

“Shot on what must have been a tight budget, Zombae takes place almost entirely in Bill and Shelly’s kitchen and living room. This means that potential victims have to come to them, but the script manages to make that reasonably credible […] While it’s rarely laugh-out-loud funny, Zombae is silly enough to be entertaining and makes a nice change of pace.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Indican Pictures released ZBurbs on VOD on November 21st, 2017. 

In the USA, Indican Pictures re-released the film as Zombae on DVD and On-Demand on February 15th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Gina Hecht … Agent Morse
Bill Oberst Jr. … Pick
Marieh Delfino … Shelly
Michael Sorich … Banker Zombie
Clint Carmichael … Agent Baxter
Gabe Greenspan
Courtney Scheuerman … Carrie
Ian Alda … Bill
Carl Bressler … Berg
Dan Coplan … Marvin Scorich
Carly Lucas … Delivery Girl


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