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‘If they hear you, they hunt you’
A Quiet Place is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film directed by John Krasinski from a screenplay co-written with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (Haunt). It is produced by Michael Bay through his Platinum Dunes banner. Krasinski stars alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt, plus Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds.

On a secluded farm, a family is being terrorised by an unknown threat. They are forced to keep quiet and use sign language to communicate…

A Quiet Place was released by Paramount Pictures on April 6, 2018. By May 28, 2018, the film had already taken $312,463,607 worldwide against a reported budget of $17 million.

A Quiet Place hits iTunes on June 26, 2018. It will then be available on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and DVD on July 10.

Unsurprisingly, Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced at CinemaCon that A Quiet Place 2 is already in active development. The sequel will be released in movie theaters in North America on May 15, 2020.

“If it’s tension you like in thrillers and horror flicks, this is a must-watch.  The PG-13 rating shouldn’t be a put-off, as gore and language don’t really fit into the narrative to begin with, and the overall atmosphere does its job.  This is the sort of thing we need in modern horror, not the sad, effects-laden and/or plot-light efforts we continuously see…” Allusions of Grandeur

A Quiet Place not only props up an exhilarating premise, it executes it with near pitch-perfect precision. It imposes its own rules, stands by them, and through well drawn character motivation, allows for a surprisingly touching family-drama-monster-movie to unfurl. The script is airtight, the acting is dedicated, the direction is swiftly assured, the drama is weighty and the horror is harrying.” Arrow in the Head

“At its heart, it’s really about a family who is trying to prepare its children to fend for themselves in the big, bad world. Like any family. Only hopefully your children won’t be facing any literal face-eating monsters. But of course, you’re afraid for them, afraid that they’ll encounter something you haven’t prepared them for, and that you won’t be there when they need you.” @ssholes Watching Movies

“Krasinski very clearly knows the story he wants to tell and does so with great skill, backed by a stellar cast and technical team. While audiences may be drawn in by the promise of monster-filled mayhem–which A Quiet Place no doubt delivers–many are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the genuine emotional beats the film hits amidst the scares.” Bloody Disgusting

“Easily the best monster movie since the arrival of Cloverfield in 2008, A Quiet Place is an absolute stunner that just fires on every cylinder. Krasinski has made something truly special with his latest directorial effort…” Daily Dead

“It’s not just an intelligent horror film, but a movie that is capable of scaring even the most experienced of horror fans with staggering ease […] the movie’s calling card is its subtlety. Director John Krasinski might be relatively inexperienced behind the camera, but you’d never know it based on how expertly he uses visual cues to tell his story.” Matthew Bird, Den of Geek!

“The quiet was so defining I wanted to scream just to hear something. Then, as Krasinski does something as small as show a glass lantern on the edge of a table, the stress is nearly unbearable. A Quiet Place is innovative, it’s terrifying, and it will have you squirming in your seat covering your mouth in fear of making a noise.” Esquire


“The creature design by ILM is one of the best in years, and the monsters of the film easily belong in the great pantheon of horror creatures – like the xenomorph and the velociraptors, these creatures stalk the protagonists even when they are completely unseen and unheard. John Krasinski has crafted a horror film for the decades…” Flickering Myth

“Krasinski’s direction is assured and often artful here; while the film unrepentantly relies on jump scares for its biggest shocks, the actor-director (who also has a writing credit on the film, along with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck) still manages to establish an unrelenting undercurrent of tension that hums beneath every scene, aided by some truly inventive sound design.” IGN

“For a movie with such sparse dialogue, “A Quiet Place” often gives way to annoying bursts of shrieking strings to jolt its audience, as if they can’t be trusted to find the disquieting mood sufficiently freaky […] Thankfully, Marco Beltrami’s score largely sticks to a low rumble that hovers on the same wavelength as the characters’ unease.” IndieWire

” …when it comes time to deliver the scary release, Krasinski seems unsure of himself, even allowing the sound design that is normally so measured and deliberate to betray the film itself. A Quiet Place is so close to being great, but just can’t help but get in its own way. With that being said, it does so much so well…” Next Projection

“Most of the great horror movies are so because we become actively invested in the fate of the characters and involved in the cinematic exercise playing out before us. It is a tight thrill ride—the kind of movie that quickens the heart rate and plays with the expectations of the audience, while never treating them like idiots. In other words, it’s a really good horror movie.” RogerEbert.com

“Though the film eventually succumbs to third-act expectations, the buildup is marvelously compelling and inventive, to the point that it’s easy to be invested in the characters and worry about their eventual fate. That it accomplishes all this in about 90 minutes of running time is another reason to recommend A Quiet Place.” Screen Anarchy

“Krasinski himself might not have been the perfect lead actor, but the natural chemistry he has with real-life wife Blunt brings us closer to his character […] And its final moments are destined to go down in the Badass Monster Movie Hall of Fame.” Talk Film Society

A Quiet Place is receiving huge audiences in theatres, deservedly so. The film is a great blend of genres. While offering a great premise of constant quietness, A Quiet Place also delivers an interesting story of a family just trying to stay alive […] This is more than just a creature feature and should not to be missed by fans of horror or thrillers.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“As is the case with most successful, spare horror films of late, A Quiet Place has much more to say about its humans than its monsters and is especially invested in the ways families fail to communicate even their most basic needs to each other.” Vanity Fair

“In the second half, the movie turns into a more conventional alien-attack thriller, but if anything it becomes more rousingly effective. The monsters, it turns out, can hear everything but see nothing. And though we can’t always buy what we’re seeing in A Quiet Place, Krasinski is a gifted enough filmmaker to paper over our objections.” Variety

“John Krasinski may not be a full-fledged genre advocate, but he can sure direct the hell out of crowd-pleasing, seat-clenching, holy-crap-that-ending popcorn punishment.” We Got This Covered

“It is bold and inventive with top-notch performances, breathtaking storytelling and intensity; it is the must-see film of the fest and even the year. You will leave a changed person with a renewed respect for the art of filmmaking.” Ashley Menzel, We Live Entertainment

Main cast and characters:

  • John Krasinski … Lee
  • Emily Blunt … Evelyn – The Wolfman
  • Noah Jupe … Marcus
  • Millicent Simmonds … Regan
  • Cade Woodward … Beau

Principal photography began on September 6, 2017 in Little Falls, New York

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