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‘No clowning around at this hotel’

Hotel Hell – aka The Hotel – is a 2014 American paranormal horror anthology film written, co-produced and directed by Derrick Granado (writer of 2013 short film The Abandoned). Canon Buckingham, Zach Kepple, and Rodney Osborne star.

Deep in the heart of an abandoned hotel, an eerie chill spreads throughout the narrowing hallways and winding staircases. Silence fills the suffocating air as paranormal investigator Eddie Osborne and his newly-hired videographer document a series of chilling supernatural occurrences.

Through their footage, they tell of terrifying tales of horror: featuring all the things we fear the most. Very quickly they discover that when you follow evil long enough, it will eventually consume you…


” …peaks far too early, with the first story being quite an affecting little haunted house tale with a looming score, and an effective reliance on simple scares, while the others fall down the barrel of uninspiring averageness. With a half decent wraparound and a couple of artistic flourishes, Granado’s film hangs over the precipice of mediocrity with rapidly diminishing fingernails, but hang on it does.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

“The three tales involve a couple moving into a new house who are menaced by a dark stranger, the stranger looks decent enough and it is a reasonable good effort at a ghost story, not a great tale but it stands out when compared to the other tales here.” I.R. Kerr

“It’s really not as bad considering the limitations and money these guys had. I’ve seen a lot worse efforts. They obviously spent more on certain stories than others which is to be expected. The connecting scenes were the worst and probably the most rushed. The sound, direction and acting leaves a lot to be desired in these segments but I’m presuming all the money and time went into the stories which I would imagine were filmed first.” Sean Miller

Choice dialogue:

Eddie Osborne : “It’s not haunted by ghosts or demons. This hotel… it’s damned.”

Main cast:

Canon Buckingham, Zach Kepple, Rodney Osborne, Elizabeth McGrath, Miranda Parham, Carson Nicely, Jimmy Lee Kelley, Stacy Krumholz, Stephanie Wulfe, Lance De Los Santos, Matthew Munoz, John Cawthon, Gay Hunter, David Skinner, James DeArmond.

Film Facts:

The film’s original title was The Damned Thing

Full film free to watch online:

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