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‘If you’re guilty… beware’

The Laughing Mask is a 2014 American horror thriller feature film written and directed by Michael Aguiar, making his feature film directorial debut. The movie stars John Hardy, Jeff Jenkins and Sheyenne Rivers.


Jake Johnson is a man with a mission. His wife Jaycee was murdered by the brutal serial killer named the Laughing Mask years ago and he’s determined to bring the man to justice. He’s not the only one who wants to end the Laughing Mask’s reign of terror, as the police have set Kate on the case.

However, more and more people fall victim to the Laughing Mask, some of whom have been murdered in ways that resemble crimes that the victims purportedly committed…


“Michael Aguiar’s attempt to stand out in the genre doesn’t quite break through all the way, but it’s a nice slice of indie horror that’s for the most part entertaining and has just the right amount of brutality to warrant a viewing.” Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting

“It’s difficult to discern if this was meant as a crime thriller or horror. The concept of the murderous vigilante is innovative, however, with his 30’s style and juxtaposition of vintage cartoons with the killer’s violent nature. While admirably ambitious, Aguiar lacked the experience needed to fully realize his vision.” Modern Horrors

” …the actual Laughing Mask killer is fairly well styled, even if he is completely uninteresting, and there are some laughs to be had at the blunders that make up the film. A moment starting with a flat line reading and ending with animated pickles is also genuinely laugh out loud. The Laughing Man is a film that doesn’t really do anything right.” Starburst

” …the movie treads back to the fun days of cut-em-up flicks, and Aguiar looks as if he paid some serious attention to detail with the crafting on this one. Creepy music is played by the killer when he stalks his prey, and with more than enough scenes bathed in darkness, the element of pure evil and a twisted mind is glorified to excessive amounts.” Dread Central

” …the way the film tells the story is uneven, including seemingly unnecessary scenes while at the same time, leaving out key plot information. Edits and cuts are awkward giving many of the effects and some of the story a disjointed continuity. Dialogue in several scenes was downright embarrassing as was a lot of the delivery.” HNN

“This killer has the cool of the Collector with the style of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Leave it to the indies to wake up the horror film industry with creative directions and insane new cheer for villains. This is 2016’s brightest hope for horror, it really sets the bar pretty high for others to try and reach. What a fun film despite its flaws.” Wicked Channel

Cast and characters:

  • John Hardy as Jake Johnson
  • Jeffrey Gwyn Jenkins as The Laughing Mask (as Jeff Jenkins)
  • Sheyenne Rivers as Kate
  • Inge Uys as Jaycee Johnson
  • Gabriel Lee as Detective Cordova
  • Floyd Adams as Pig Man
  • Arisia Aguiar as Barbara Johnson
  • Jade Aguiar as Nancy Johnson
  • Bill Asbury as Rancor Member
  • Laura Bush as Planner
  • Liz M. Day as Chief Maria Mendoza
  • Miguel AngeloTorres Diaz as Mechanic
  • Manny Dortanieves as Groundskeeper
  • Anthony Giovanni Elias as Wink
  • Flavia Falquetti as Barista
  • Matt Ganey as Lloyd Grant
  • Brent ‘Clutch’ Gaubatz as Cole Masters
  • Wayne Earle Kinney as Cash

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