DARK SOULS (2010) Reviews and overview


Dark Souls – original title: Mørke Sjeler is a 2010 Norwegian horror film written and directed by César Ducasse and Mathieu Péteul. It stars Johanna Gustavsson, Kristian Holter, and Ida Elise Broch.


A young girl, Johanna (Johanna Gustavsson), is jogging alone in the woods when she is suddenly attacked and seemingly murdered by a mask-wearing maniac with a power drill.

Later that same day, her father Morten (Morten Rudå) receives a phone call from the police pronouncing her dead just as he sees her walk in the front door of their house. Morten tells the police that his daughter is completely fine and sitting in front of him.

But strange things soon begin to happen to Johanna; she is disorientated and becomes pale and unresponsive. She is in a zombie-like state, not uttering a word and with difficulties walking and eating, but most noticeably she constantly vomits a strange black substance…


“Taking its cue from The X-Files‘ alien conspiracy arcs (brilliantly, to the extent of including a sound clip of Gillian Anderson which encapsulates the premise of the film in advance), this is a grim yet generally good-natured little Norwegian schlocker which does have a bigger picture than just the individual zombie-biting mayhem.” Richard Street, Film Yellow


” …the film has enough inspiration to fill several normal scare flicks, being a serial killer procedural, warped family drama, zombie-themed dark comedy and oft-kilter conspiracy thriller all rolled into one. This may sound confusing, but the unhurried pacing and tightly focused narrative compel attention throughout.” Adam Groves, Fright

“The use of oil is also an interesting motif, but its allegorical use pales in comparison to the body horror of watching it exude from every pore of its victims, and it gives them a distinctive and effective look. There are also a lot of references to other horror movies thrown into the mix…” The Movie Evangelist

Cast and characters:

  • Morten Rudå: Morten Ravn
  • Johanna Gustavsson: Johanna Ravn
  • Kyrre Haugen Sydness: Richard Askestad
  • Ida Elise Broch: Maria
  • Jan Hårstad: Dr Hansen
  • Karl Sundby: Offshore Diver
  • Henrik Scheele: Chief of Police
  • Marianne Rødje: Wendy
  • Gustav-Adolf Hegh: Old man
  • Kristian Holter: Driller

Fun Facts:

In Germany, the movie was released as Zombie Driller Killer.

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