Attack of the Killer Shrews! – USA, 2016 – reviews

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Attack of the Killer Shrews! is a 2016 comedy horror film written and directed by Ken Cosentino. The movie stars Jonathan Rogers, Bill Kennedy and Elizabeth Houlihan. The movie is a tongue-in-cheek remake of The Killer Shrews (1959).


Small town Sheriff Martin Blake, movie starlet Fiona Rae and others defend the world from an onslaught of giant killer shrews…

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“It’s hard to say whether the intentionally crude productive values and constant winks to the audience can rival the lightning-in-a-bottle “what were they thinking?!” lunacy of the original. Perhaps this remake’s self awareness makes it lose an element of comedy. It expects us to laugh with it rather than at it, which is a much harder style of comedy to make.” Dark Universe

“Sadly, the movie is unable to sustain itself for the entire 85-minute runtime. Many ongoing gags are never funny or become tiresome. The biggest irritation is that every time “killer shrews” is said, the character will break the fourth wall, directly look at the camera, and over-enunciate it dramatically.” Film Threat

“Even being entirely aware that it was as low budget and lo-fi a film as you can get, I have to say that I was rather disappointed with Attack of the Killer Shrews!  […] While it does indeed partly pay homage to the film that inspired, it’s trying to be a comedy more than anything else, and to this sober viewer mostly failed at that.” Horror Cult Films

“It’s badly acted with terrible special effects and wonky camerawork. But if you know what you’re getting into (again, look no further than the recommendation from Lloyd Kaufman), you’ll find equal parts pleasure and pain as the film goes on. It’s all dumb as hell, but in a good, “I love crap like this” sort of way.” Horrorfreak News

“As the original film, this one was done on a shoestring and with not totally convincing special effects – and to be honest, sometimes the lack of quality with the creature effects is a bit too obvious in this movie. But that said, the film’s still tons of fun…” Search My Trash

“There are a ton of laughs to be had in this movie, both with it, and at its expense, but it’s worth watching, especially with other people. I watched it alone and found the second half dragging, which would have been alleviated by a having some friends to laugh at it with.” UK Horror Scene


Though it reportedly took two years to edit and release, Attack of the Killer Shrews! was apparently shot in just two weeks on a budget of approximately just $2,000.

Image credits: Dark Universe

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One Comment on “Attack of the Killer Shrews! – USA, 2016 – reviews”

  1. You nit-picked negative reviews among an ocean of positive reviews like these –

    Dark Universe
    “…maniacally silly performances, fountains of blood and intentionally cheesy score…..
    what the hell did I just watch?”

    Horror Freak News
    “…you’ll be laughing most of the way through…brilliantly funny…epically bold and hysterical! There’s plenty to heckle in the film, but nothing will give you more pleasure (you’ll be groaning at the ridiculousness) than the five or so different versions of the man-eating shrews. Sometimes you’ll see people in costume, sometimes you’ll see puppets in play, sometimes (during an attack in a small creek) you’ll see nothing but a furry rug. But you’ll most enjoy the German Shepherd in costume – portraying one of the giant rodents.”

    “This movie reminded me of that one time my buddies and I got really drunk and decided to make a short film because we had a bad rubber monster prop and 5 gallons of fake blood in the garage. Except I didn’t make this one! It’s silly, tongue firmly in cheek fun.”
    ~ Steve Wang
    Legendary Creature Creator

    Film Threat
    “Comedic gold…
    The opening title sequence is
    stop-motion animated
    and is freaking amazing!!”

    UK Horror Scene
    “There are almost too many delightful things going on on-screen to list…a TON OF LAUGHS…
    ..a minor MIRACLE OF COMEDY…hilariously bad stop-motion animation…”

    Zisi Emporium for B Movies
    “The shrews are hilarious looking and are enhanced by the comedic acting of the protagonists.
    All the acting is first class and I tip my hat to Ms. Houlihan’s portrayal of a 1950’s type scream queen.”

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