COCKROACH TIDE (2020) Warped science unleashes super-roach horror

Cockroach Tide is a 2020 Chinese science-fiction horror film about a doomed project to create artificially intelligent cockroaches.

Directed by Cui Yanlong aka Channel Cho from a screenplay co-written with Zhao Xuewei, the movie stars Jin Jia, Jiang Yixuan, Ji Yawen, Xu Shaowu and Jia Shuyi.


As the human population grows, more and more garbage is produced, and environmental pollution is becoming a bigger issue. With the global advocacy of environmental protection, PDR Biotech uses gene fusion technology to create a “super cockroach” that claims to be able to quickly eliminate any garbage and is safe and controllable.

Company leader Victor is ambitious and wants to use the super cockroach to change the world, so he rented an entire freighter with the super cockroach to show the technology to the world. Unexpectedly, on the way to the destination, control of hundreds of thousands of super cockroaches on the ship is lost and they attack and devour everyone on the ship.

In order to survive, the ship’s first officer Qiao Jianghe and Victor join forces to lead the survivors to do everything possible to escape from the super cockroaches. However, just as everyone is about to escape from the bug siege, Qiao Jianghe discovers that the super cockroach attacks were not a mistake, and there is a bigger conspiracy…

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Thanks to Daniel at The Arty Dans YouTube channel for making us aware of this one!


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