MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE! (2017) Overview with trailer and several clips


‘He’s horny… he’s funny… and he’s hungry!’

My Uncle John is a Zombie! is a 2017 American comedy horror film co-directed by Robert Lucas and John A. Russo (The Majorettes; Midnight; co-writer of Night of the Living Dead). The latter co-stars with Gary Lee Vincent and Cy-Fi.

A zombie kept in hiding by his niece and nephew suddenly becomes famous when the world discovers he can talk and reason as though he were alive. As his popularity grows, he is discovered by zombie hunters who want to kidnap him and hunt him for sport…

Main cast:

  • Gary Lee VincentDeath House; Killer CampoutDeimosimine; Ayla; Lake of Shadows; et al
  • John A. Russo
  • Cy-Fi
  • Debbie RochonThe Mangled; Fantasma; Dry Bones; et al
  • Sarah FrenchLake of Shadows; Ouija House; Land Shark; et al
  • George Kosana – Incest Death Squad; Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  • Russell Streiner – Night of the Living Dead (1990 and 1968)
  • Chuck Corby
  • Danielle Inks
  • Solon Tsangaras
  • Lloyd Kaufman