TEETH AND BLOOD (2015) Reviews and free to watch online


‘Death is just the beginning.’

Teeth and Blood is a 2015 supernatural horror film written and directed by Al Franklin and Pamela J. Richardson. It stars Danielle Vega, Glenn Plummer, King Kedar, Michelle Van Der Water and Sean Christopher. Also promoted as Teeth & Blood


A beautiful diva is murdered on the set of horror director Vincent Augustine’s latest film ‘Chapel Blood’.

Somewhere between the crime scene and the coroner’s van, the body mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, the city’s supply of donated blood is being dangerously depleted.

Suspecting a connection between the events, detectives Mike Hung and Sasha Colfax go undercover at the studio to investigate. Their attempt to crack the case quickly turns into a desperate battle for survival when they uncover an age-old war between rival vampire covens that threatens to consume humanity…


“This is a film of could have been/should have been. The concepts were there but the acting wasn’t, the playing for laughs seemed off (or maybe it just missed my funny bone), the plotting was loose and it needed something it just didn’t have. A shame.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

“As far as Plummer’s recent genre fare goes, Teeth and Blood is actually a bit above par, if only because Van Der Water, who surprisingly has never landed a bigger part than Tony Todd’s sister in Minotaur, delivers a performance above the level of the material… plus, she’s purrty.” Black Horror Movies

Main cast and characters:

Glenn Plummer … Vincent Augustine – Monsters in the WoodsThe Other SideDexter TV series; Vegas VampiresVooDoo Curse: The Giddeh; Saw II; The Dead Zone TV series;
Michelle Van Der Water … Detective Sasha Colfax – Minotaur
Sean Hutchinson … Detective Mike Hung [as Sean Christopher]
Danielle Vega … Lori Franklin
King Kedar … Tyrese
Frantz Turner … Captain Parker
Marshal Hilton … Mayor Harvey Wright
Steffinnie Phrommany … Elizabeth Thornrich
Greg Eagles … Vampire Priest
Jacqui Holland … Crystal Forester
Marisha Shine … Starlet
Keith Everett … Anchorman Bob
Clint Jung … Old Man
Matthew Fling … Cinematographer
Stuart G. Bennett … Lighting Guy



Full film free to watch online:

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