WITCHCRAFT V (1993) Reviews and overview


‘This time the Devil wants more than just your soul.’

Witchcraft V – aka – Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil is a 1993 American supernatural horror film directed by Talun Hsu from a screenplay by James Merendino (Death ClubEvil RemainsWitchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart) and Steve Tymon (Mirror, Mirror III: The Voyeur; Fraternity Demon). The movie stars Marklen Kennedy, Carolyn Taye-Loren, Nicole Sassaman, and David Huffman.

An evil warlock takes over a rock club and uses beautiful women to try to collect enough souls so that he may bring Satan to Earth…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Cheaply made direct to video sequel takes the series in a whole new direction, by just tossing plot, performances, and direction out the window and just squarely focusing in on the sex.” Brandon Sites

“As portrayed by David Huffman, Cain is the only thing worth watching as he gathers assorted human souls as he prepares for Satan’s return to Earth. But not even his performance (hammy but enjoyable) can raise this from the lower depths of Hollywood filmmaking.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“The sudden discovery of the wonderful world of boobs makes Witchcraft V feel like a turning point in the series, at least from what I understand with regards to the later, more sex-focused entries.  There’s still, however, a definitive plot and supernatural storyline, and Cain’s performance alone makes the film an entertaining time killer.” Daily Grindhouse

” …there’s still a small amount of effort being made here to craft an actual plot. Things get ever more ridiculous, such as the way in which Will is still apparently a lawyer and the way he has shrugged off all of the past events in his life, but they hang together just enough to make you think someone wrote more than just the moments of nudity.” For It Is Man’ Number

“There were some bright spots, like the frequent nudity. I especially appreciated it when Nicole Sassaman (Marta) was nude. I knew that Witchcraft would enter softcore territory at some point, and I think V is the first one that’s really there, with four extended (ahem) sex scenes.” Life Between Frames

Choice dialogue:

Cain: “Who is that whore?”

Cast and characters:

  • Marklen Kennedy … William
  • Carolyn Taye-Loren … Keli
  • Nicole Sassaman … Marta
  • David Huffman … Cain
  • Lenny Rose … Reverand Meredith
  • Freddy Andreiuci … Bill
  • Kimberly Bolin … Secretary
  • Ralph Sturges … Client
  • Richard Skillman … Club Owner
  • Ayesha Hauer … Anastasia
  • Drew Peloso … Transient
  • Zane Paolo … Club Owner #2
  • Greg Grunberg … Manager
  • Jasmine O’Donnell… Waitress