‘There’s a ghost in all of us’

The Ghost Experiment 3D is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Kevin J. Foxe (executive producer of The Blair Witch Project) from a screenplay co-written with Valerio Zanoli.


A group of students, after learning of a long-forgotten experiment in which a team of parapsychologists created a ghost through mind manipulation and physical experiments, decides to do a modernised version of the experiment and to take it even further…

Cast and characters:

  • Megan Rosati … Amanda
  • Stephanie Lomenick … Stacey – The Man in the Maze
  • Chris Sibley … Chris
  • Shane McNichol … Rich
  • Henry Kober … Eugene
  • Annie May Gay … Annie
  • Ashton Leigh … Audrey
  • Joshua Leonard … The Professor – DepravedUnsane; Bates Motel TV series; The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014); Shark Night 3D; Prom Night 2008; Hatchet; Madhouse (2004); The Blair Witch Project
  • Christina Rigaud … Young Marie Laveau
  • Pam Fortner … Bartender
  • Artak Vardanyan … Detective Vardanyan
  • Gary Williams … Detective Williams
  • Josh Hodgins … Cop #1
  • Aaron Boltz … Cop #2
  • Robert Dodrill … Cop #3

Filming locations:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fun Facts:

Director Kevin J. Foxe filed for bankruptcy in 2012, despite being an executive producer of The Blair Witch Project (1999), which took $248 million worldwide against a reported budget of just $25,000.