There’s No Such Thing as Vampires – USA, 2019 – overview

There’s No Such Thing as Vampires is a 2019 American comedy horror film directed by Logan Thomas from a screenplay co-written with Aric Cushing.

The creature design and effects were created by Eric Fox at Morb-X studios.

A group of teenagers encounter vampires in a remote outpost…

Cast and characters:

  • Meg Foster … Sister Frank – 31; Jeepers Creepers 3Haunted: 333; Shrunken Heads; They Live; The WindThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Welcome to Arrow Beach; et al
  • Raphael Sbarge … Detective Warren – Bates Motel; iZombie; Dexter; Bones; The Hidden II; Carnosaur; Monsters TV series; Werewolf TV series
  • Josh Plasse … Joshua
  • Emma Holzer … Ariel
  • Maria Olsen … Sigfreda
  • Judy Tenuta … Barbecue Becky – Deadly Crush
  • Matthew Dennis Lewis … Cameron
  • Tom McLaren … Detective Sykes
  • Katherine Rodriguez … May
  • Chiquita Fuller … Detective Lowery
  • Matt Perfetuo … The Twins
  • David A. Jørgensen … Oyvind
  • James Adam Tucker … Officer Davis
  • Mark Reininga … Officer Riley
  • Mike Perfetuo … The Twins

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