Scare Zone – USA, 2009 – reviews

‘No one can hear you scream… if they’re screaming too.’

Scare Zone is a 2009 American slasher horror film written and directed by Jon Binkowski (ReVisitant; The Visitant); it stars Arian Ash, Chris Burns, Neil Brown Jr. and Simon Needham.

Scare Zone is Oliver’s pride and joy. Sure, it’s just another strip-mall Halloween Horror House, but as always, he’s put his heart and soul into it.

The attraction is open for three nights only, and Oliver has brought back his old staff, including ex-con Spider, eager bride-to-be Summer, and the enigmatic Goth princess Claire…

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” …nice to see an indie film take a horror attraction and use it to the advantage of the film to induce suspense and tension. Scarezone has its faults, but I’d definitely recommend it for experimental fans that appreciate films like Popcorn, and Scream.” Felix Vasquez, Cinema Crazed

“The cast is a forgettable collection of mannequin-level cannon fodder, walking clichés with no traits of distinction. The script is utterly clueless in developing any sense of mystery, and the dialog is filled with painfully flat one-liners (note to the director: putting a hyperactive guy with an ersatz-British accent in your film does not make you Monty Python).” Jonny Numb

“The gore is so-so, the acting passable, the sets are ok… it’s a real haunted house attraction… and it shows, for better or worse. The cast was hired for obvious reasons: the most attractive people they could afford. The key to this being half-ass enjoyable is that the actors don’t seem to be disillusioned about what kind of film they are in.” Mr. DuLac, Letterboxd

Filming locations:

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights on the “Body Collectors” set

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