I AM RAGE (2023) Reviews of Hannaj Bang Bendz action horror

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‘She will have her revenge’
I Am Rage is a 2023 British action horror film about a cult that makes the mistake of abducting a young woman with a violent, shocking past.

Directed by David Ryan Keith (Redwood Massacre: Annihilation; The Dark WithinGhosts of DarknessThe Redwood MassacreAttack of the Herbals) from a screenplay co-written with Stephen Durham. Produced by Travis Demarus Brown, Stephen Durham, Eric Easley, Lorraine Keith, Liam Matheson. Executive produced by Niko Foster.


The 2nd Nature Films-Clear Focus Movies co-production stars Hannaj Bang Bendz (Wrath of Dracula), Marta Svetek, Derek Nelson and Antonia Whillans.


Erin’s (Hannaj Bang Bendz) idyllic countryside trip turns to terror when a sinister blood cult abducts her. But they made a grave mistake, her abductors soon learn the painful consequences of crossing someone with severe anger issues…


“I really enjoyed I Am Rage and whilst the rest of the cast do a wonderful job playing their roles, the highlight for me has to be Hannaj Bang Bendz as Erin who definitely has the most interesting character in the film (which of course is helped by the backstory we find out about her during the films running time ). I Am Rage is filled with creepiness, blood, wonderfully choreographed fight scenes…” From Page 2 Screen

“Billed as an action/thriller, I Am Rage is more like a child’s idea of a horror movie. With a goofy story that becomes more silly the longer it goes on. With one excuse after the other to show blood splatters and martial arts fighting. The dialogue itself tells of the immaturity of the film. With lines that sound like they are ripped from pulpy fantasy comics from the eighties.” The Movie Mann

“The film’s flaws are few, it could have used a stronger dose of horror for the genre fans and probably should have ended right after the fight between Margret and Erin, the few minutes after it are anti-climactic and water the last act down. While it’s not the low-budget masterwork I was hoping for, I Am Rage is still an above-average film with a lot of blood and some good fights.” 3.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters:
Hannaj Bang Bendz … Erin
Jamie B. Chambers … Peter
Antonia Whillans … Sarah
Derek Nelson … Adam
Marta Svetek … Margret
Niko Foster … Wilson
Debbie Sheridan … Ruth
Nate Bright … Billy
Luke Aquilina … Michael
Ryan Livingstone … Injured Man
Mark Wood … Blood Specialist
Barry Thackrey … Captor#2

Filming locations:
Battle Grounds Adventure Activities, Paintball Centre – Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Shinness Lodge, Shinness, Lairg, Scotland

Technical specs:
1 hour 29 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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