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The Cat is a 2011 South Korean horror feature film directed by Byun Seung-Wook.

So-yeon (Park Min-yeong) works at a small pet-grooming shop called Kitty N Puppy. Unfortunately, So-yeon sufferers from claustrophobia and begins seeing apparitions of a ghostly young girl with cat-like eyes (Kim Ye-ron)…

The original titles for the film in Hangul are: 고양이: 죽음을보는 두개의눈 and Goyangyi: Jookeumeul Boneun Doo Gaeui Noon.

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“…Byun does a good job of creating an ominous atmosphere and manages to throw in enough spooky action to keep genre fans happy. There are also a few gruesome moments and effective jolts scattered throughout, with some pretty decent death scenes as the more unlikeable cast members get bumped off in satisfying manner.” Beyond Hollywood

“Park Min-Young is fine as the lead, but cutting between her visions, psychiatry sessions and just another day in the shop, we never get a feel for her as a real character. It’s almost as if a double bluff was intended, and then abandoned. Indeed the acting is fine, but in terms of story the pieces never truly come together.” Eastern Heroes


“The acting from all concerned is very good, especially from Park Min Young and Kim Dong Wook, and the style mixes in some strange effects with the shadows and darker colours to make things easier on the patchy CGI. It’s just a shame that everything starts to go downhill in the second half…” For It Is Man’s Number

“Some of the film is a little typical of Asian horrors with the creepy little girl. But mixing it with the cats is new and fresh, and it’s used in a way that doesn’t feel over played. The film also has a good mystery feel to it, almost like The Ring, which really draws you in to the story until the very end when you discover what has been taking place and why.” Temptasian

Cast and characters:

  • Park Min-young as So-yeon
  • Kim Ye-ron as Hee-jin
  • Kim Dong-wook as Jun-seok
  • Shin Da-eun as Bo-hee
  • Lee Sang-hee as animal pound doctor
  • Jo Seok-hyun as Park Joo-im
  • Park Hyun-young as Kim Soon-kyung
  • Baek Soo-ryun as grandmother with dementia
  • Lee Han-wi as pet shop owner
  • Lee Jung-ok as Police chief Lee
  • Seo Yi-seok as psychiatrist
  • Lee Ji-hyun as veterinarian
  • Kim Min-jae as animal rescue staff
  • Jo Han-hee as women’s association head
  • Song Moon-soo as manager
  • Lee Jung-gu as asylum doctor
  • Kim Gye-seon as asylum receptionist
  • Kim Ik-tae as So-yeon’s father
  • Lee Cheol-min as son of demented grandmother
  • Lee Sung-min as Bidan’s “papa”
  • Yoon Ga-hyun as Bidan’s “mom”

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