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‘Sometimes you get the munchies… sometimes they get you!’

Eat Me! is a 2009 American comedy horror feature film directed by directed by Katie Carman from a screenplay by Elizabeth Lee who also stars. The Cold Hands Productions movie also stars Jun Naito, Ivy Hong, and Chesley Calloway.


A Brooklyn garage band, General Malacarne, survives a radioactive event and have to battle against zombies to what they believe is the safe haven of Long Island…

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” …the make-up jobs on the zombies seemed to vary quite a bit, some looked great and others were lacking. The continuity of the film is fairly simple; the group makes decisions based on (stoner) logic and reason for the most part.  I felt the film never really climaxed and that we were just dragged though step by step until they came to a poor conceived resolution.” Dano Casas, Buy Zombie

“There are some genuinely creepy and tense moments as well as some very original ideas. Acting is good all round with solid characters who are neither interchangeable nor obnoxious. Overall the film looks a lot better than its minuscule budget would suggest…” Trevor Menham, Full on Fear

Eat Me! is a film made by people who want to make films, who possess the drive and motivation just to go out and get started and that must be admired. Slightly rough around the edges and in need of a little polish this is still a film that will entertain right up until the strangely abrupt ending. John Townsend, The Horror Asylum

“For its inventiveness, Calloway’s great performance, and the commendable production values, Eat Me! is a zombie comedy movie that I hope finds an audience. It may not satisfy your hunger for a big, gory zombie spectacle, but it has a lot going for it to satisfy your other zombie cravings.” Aaron Allen, The Zed Word

Filming locations:

Shot in Brooklyn, Queens, and partially in Nassau County, New York


In November 2010 it was released by Japan Video Distribution’s Deep Red label under the title Break of the Dead.

Eat Me! was released on various Video On Demand platforms in September 2014 through indie distributor Cinema Epoch, including on Cox Communications, Comcast, Verizon and Dish Network. The film is also available through Epix, as well as Snag Films and


The original title was The Eaters


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