Freaks – USA, 2017 – overview


Freaks – aka Odd Man Out – is a 2017 dark comedy psychological thriller feature film directed by Greg Zekowski (ZBurbs) and Michael Crabtree based on a screenplay by the latter. The movie stars Matthew Stephen Tompkins, Chuck Huber, Angela Chase, and Jonathan Brooks.

“Are the things that make us freaks on the outside or the inside?

For Mike and Matt Turner, two brothers in love with the same woman, Gracie, and crippled literally and figuratively by the demons of sibling rivalry and bone deep jealousy, the answer will have very real and terrifying repercussions. One thing is for sure: nobody goes to Hell for love.

Set against the backdrop of a small town and the largest, most famous, haunted, and macabre antiques store in Texas, Freaks is an emotionally potent and darkly comedic psychological thriller about the damaged and dysfunctional Turner Family.”

Freaks was released on VOD on August 7, 2018.

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