PIMPED (2018) Overview


‘One killer night’

Pimped is a 2018 Australian psychological thriller horror feature film directed by David Barker from a screenplay co-written by Lou Mentor. The Playground Films production stars Ella Scott Lynch, Benedict Samuel, Heather Mitchell, Lewis Fitz-Gerald and Robin Goldsworthy.


Sarah Montrose meets philosophical, smooth-talking Lewis Blake. Handsome and captivating, Lewis is the bait in a sick and twisted game conjured up with his low-life-rich-kid house mate, Kenneth.

When the men’s sexual game backfires with wild abandon. Sarah is forced into an unlikely and bloodied alliance, her fragile psyche threatened by a monster, she calls on all her strength and cunning to do battle with a psychopath, and her own inner demon…

Pimped has its world premiere at the Arrow Video FrightFest in London on 24 August 2018. The film will be released in Australian cinemas in early 2019 through Bonsai Films. Raven Banner has worldwide rights.


Some fifteen years ago David Barker first heard about a twisted sexual “game” known as ghosting from a colleague whose two high school friends had perpetrated this practice on an unwilling victim. The term refers to two men who switch places while having sex with a woman so quickly and quietly that she is unaware.

After more accounts of this so-called game surfaced in the media, Barker got the idea for a psychological thriller that explores what might happen if two men lured a woman who proved to be stronger, smarter and more cunning than them…

Cast and characters:

  • Ella Scott Lynch … Sarah
  • Benedict Samuel … Lewis – The Walking Dead, Gotham
  • Heather Mitchell … Sophia
  • Lewis Fitz-Gerald … Michael
  • Robin Goldsworthy … Kenneth
  • Carma Sharon … Day of the Dead
  • Lauren Orrell … Melanie
  • Emma Potts … Lieka
  • Kellie Metcalfe … TBC
  • Melanie Gail Stirling … Bar Patron

Filming locations:

New South Wales, Australia

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