THETA STATES (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Sometimes your nightmares become your reality’

Theta States is a 2017 American science fiction horror feature film about induced nightmares written and directed by Manny Serrano (Blood Slaughter Massacre; Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead TV series; M Is for Mastectomy short). The Mass Grave Pictures production stars Tom Ryan, Erin Brown and Kathryn Lill.

Danny is a long-term insomniac. He comes across an ad for the Audible Lucid Perceptions sleep clinic, run by the peculiar Doctor Zovnig, and goes in for a consultation. The doctor gives him a small audio device, which generates brain-frequency-altering audio waves, intended to hypnotise Danny into a dream state.

Upon the first treatment, Danny is cured and is now sleeping better than he ever has in his life. Danny starts to realise that although he may be able to sleep again, there could be something wrong. Nightmares haunt his sleep, with recurring hallucinations and blackouts while he’s awake. Is it all a side effect of the treatment, or is there some evil force at work, affecting Danny’s every move?

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“The plot can be a bit confusing at times with its blurred lines between what is and isn’t real, in some ways it’s like Cronenberg’s Videodrome but with auditory cues instead of video ones. The cast does a good job of keeping things from getting too muddled, especially Tom Ryan as a man fighting to keep his world from totally collapsing.” Beneath the Underground

“The acting could stand to be stronger at times, but Tom Ryan really comes through when it counts during the film’s most climactic moments. Danny is a likeable, relatable character, as is Nicole, and their relationship is one the audience can get behind. Dreams, reality, mystery, and a bit of the supernatural all come together nicely here, anchored by characters that matter and a story that knows what it wants.” Cryptic Rock

Theta States is a step or two above Blood Slaughter Massacre production-wise and the camera work, lighting and audio is much, much better than before. The effort and hard work put into this movie shines through and I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate everyone involved on a job well done.” Horror Society