HOBGOBLINS 2 (2009) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t say we didn’t warn you!’

Hobgoblins 2 is a 2009 American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Rick Sloane (Blood Theatre). The movie stars Josh Mills, Sabrina Bolin, Jason Buuck, Jordana Berliner, Josh Green and Chanel Ryan.

A belated sequel to Sloane’s 1988, Hobgoblins, it was made to look identical to the original film, utilising 35mm film and composite effects, look-alike actors, some of the original costumes and the same puppets.


McCreedy has been locked in a psychiatric hospital after blowing up the film studio to destroy the Hobgoblins, which occurred at the end of the first film. Kevin and his friends are now in college, and their Professor introduces them to McCreedy, who warns them that it is still possible to be attacked by Hobgoblins.


Despite McCreedy’s warning, Kevin and his friends re-encounter the Hobgoblins and must fight against them and their own greatest fears, in order to save their lives…


“It’s a self-aware movie with bad jokes. At first, I thought maybe the director just had a misguided sense of humor and that things were going to at least be charmingly inept throughout. But then the bad jokes kept coming and I started to feel uncomfortable, then annoyed, then cranky.” I Got Here Late

“There’s no point in describing the plot here, as if you’ve seen the first one, you’ve pretty much seen this. Oh the hobgoblins pray on peoples’ fears instead of their fantasies and it’s set a bit later then the first, but otherwise it’s the same thing. Only somewhere worse because the movie’s self-aware how bad it is the time out.” Movieman Kev

Cast and characters:

  • Josh Mills … Kevin
  • Chanel Ryan … Fantazia
  • Sabrina Bolin … Amy
  • Jason Buuck … Nick
  • Josh Green … Kyle
  • Jordana Berliner … Daphne
  • Ashley Ausburn … Buffy
  • Joy Villa … Candy Striper

Running time:

92 minutes


Hobgoblins 2 was released on DVD by Shout! Factory on June 23, 2009. A DVD bonus feature, ‘Hobgoblins 2, What Were They Thinking?’, features the original cast of Hobgoblins critiquing the new actors who re-created their roles. Director Rick Sloane discusses how this film was originally planned to go into production two years after the original, and instead, twenty years later, it was shot using the same script.