American Nightmares – USA, 2018 – reviews

‘Hallow’s Eve. Sleep well tonight.’

American Nightmares is a 2018 American horror anthology feature film produced, written and directed by Darin Scott and Rusty Cundieff (Tales from the Hood and its sequel). The Patriot Pictures movie stars Danny Trejo, Vivica A. Fox, Nichelle Nichols, Chris Kattan, Clarence Williams III and Jay Mohr.


Seven morality-themed horror tales surround Mister Malevolent (Danny Trejo), who hacks into two millennials’ computer screens and forces them to watch short video examples that reveal the consequences of various immoral crimes…


“Ultimately, I acknowledge American Nightmares with a mid-range grade out of admiration for its sincere intent to edutain. I’m merely discouraged that its creators slid from one of the most relevant horror anthologies of all-time to a VOD cheapie below the standard for their established talent.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“This horror anthology isn’t for everyone, but it should be. It mixes comedy and horror perfectly as is deliciously on-point. I enjoyed it even when I felt offended. That’s when you need to take a step back and look at what the story is really about.” Karina Adelgaard, Heaven of Horror

“How Nichelle Nichols wound up co-hosting this with Danny Trejo is beyond me, but I’ve seen weirder pairings. As usual, some of the stories are better than others and others would have been best left on the cutting room floor, but it’s not the worst anthology I’ve seen.” Butteltproof Qpid, Letterboxd


The original title was Tales from the Crib.

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  1. Watched this last night. It was pretty good i did like it. Especially the “no blacks” one. Stories are short but well written. Long enough to develop a plot for each tale but still a short to the point entity. I do recommend it.

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