AFRAID (2014) Reviews and overview


‘What could I find out about you?’

Afraid is a 2014 American found footage horror feature film directed by Jason Goldberg (creator of Punk’d)  from a screenplay by co-producer Nick Kreiss. The movie stars Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), George Byrne and Luke Baybak (American Horror Story).

George (George Byrne) takes his girlfriend Alanna (Alanna Masterson) to a weekend retreat at cabin in the mountains. However, their romance getaway morphs into terror, when they realise their every move is being watched by the owner of the cabin they are staying at…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“The idea of an entire house being under surveillance was seen in Hangman, and the drama is so underplayed that it’s ineffective. Afraid may be of interest to fans of The Walking Dead, as it features future series regular Alanna Masterson. Otherwise, you may be better off simply watching your neighbors.” Mike Long, DVD Sleuth

” …this invasion of privacy film has no suspense whatsoever, the boring conversations we sit through with the couple as they lay about the house doing nothing lead up to absolutely nothing in the end, the “big reveal” was not so much a surprise as a “oh come on, really?”, it actually made me angry.” Ken Kastenhuber, McBastard’s Mausoleum


Afraid was released on digital and DVD by Well Go Entertainment on October 2, 2018.

Fun Facts:

The original title was Interference

Image credits:  McBastard’s Mausoleum