Infested (2002) reviews and overview

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‘Invasion of the killer bugs’

Infested is a 2002 American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Josh Olson (writer of animated Batman: Gotham Knight and David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence). The movie stars Zach Galligan, Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel Jenkins and Amy Jo Johnson.


After the funeral of an old friend, a group of New York yuppies gather upstate for a weekend of emotional reflection. However, it all starts to go horribly wrong when they are attacked by an infestation of mutant flies…

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” …a story about (magic?) flies, zombies, a thirty-something reunion, eighties tunes and some of the most stupid situations ever in a horror flick. The overriding problem is that flies are not scary. There is nothing remotely scary about a fly. Even mass quantities of them don’t bring fear.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“Gorehounds will find one or two worthwhile moments (an extended sequence involving a bathroom and someone’s horrifically injured leg is suitably goopy) amidst the tiresome antics, but if you’re enough of a horror freak to give this one a spin – odds are you’ll lose all patience with Infested long before the minute moments of interest pop onto the screen.” Scott Weinberg, e-FilmCritic

“This thing is a steaming pile filled with the worst CG bugs ever and lacks any originality. There’s one pretty lackluster gore effect involving a leg and a pair of nail clippers. You want all of the characters to die after the first five minutes of them being introduced.” One Man’s Garbage

“This entire thing is pretty silly and gets outright ridiculous in the finale; but it still manages to be a mildly amusing timewaster due to its unserious tone and some gooey gore effects (like a pleasing moment where one of the possessed friends gets a crowbar to the head) – just don’t expect much sense.” The Video Graveyard

“The acting, dialog, plot development, (most of the) special effects and anything that must be good to make a halfway professional film are for the most part missing or fifth-rate, and therein lies the joy of the film. Don’t watch Infested expecting quality, watch it for the piece of shit it is and you just might find that it is pretty enjoyable…” A Wasted Life

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Cast and characters:

  • Zach Galligan … Warren – American Bigfoot; The Chair; Hatchet III; Legion of the DeadWaxworkGremlins and Gremlins 2; et al
  • Lisa Ann Hadley … Ellen – Dead Above Ground; The Hunger TV series
  • Daniel Jenkins … Steven
  • Amy Jo Johnson … Jesse – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Nahanni Johnstone … Mindy – Witchslayer Gretyl
  • Robert Duncan McNeill … Eric – Star Trek: Voyager TV series; Masters of the Universe
  • Jack Mulcahy … Bob
  • David Packer … Elliot
  • Camilla Overbye Roos … Robin
  • Tuc Watkins … Carl
  • Mark Margolis … Father Morning


Not to be confused with Ticks (1993), which was also released as Infested

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