Something in the Dark – USA, 2017 – overview

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Something in the Dark is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Steven Aguilera (The Frankenstein Monster Project; short: The Devil’s Grave). The movie stars Sophie Turner, Jeremy Meza and Beth Moline.

A pair of mysterious eyewear allows a blind woman to see ghosts. But since they let her see real people as well, she is unable to distinguish between the living and the dead. She soon glimpses Death itself stalking her and must discover why it has come for her…

Cast and characters:

  • Sophie Turner … Sister – The Devil’s Dozen
  • Jeremy Meza … Brother
  • Beth Moline … Lookalike
  • Rex Hindrichs … Deathly Figure
  • Natalie Thurston … Girl
  • Joseph Carl White II … Ex-boyfriend
  • Easton James … Son
  • Susy Diab … Girlfriend
  • Steven Aguilera … Boyfriend
  • Jeff DuJardin … Suicidal Salesman
  • John Livingstone … Father
  • Addison Ohrmund … Young Sister
  • Bodie Ohrmund … Young Brother
  • Juliette James … Grandmother Next Door
  • Ashby Segovia-Krause … Boy Next Door

Filming locations:

Burbank and Los Angeles, California, USA

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