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‘The messages are real’

Caller ID: Entity is a 2010 American science fiction thriller feature film directed and edited by Eric Zimmerman (music videos for Ministry; Skid Row; Megadeth and Nine Inch Nails; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Nik Jamgocyan. The Master Cylinder Media production stars James Duval, Nathan Bexton and Denny Kirkwood.

The 2018 release appears to be a re-edited (?) version of a 2010 movie Eric Zimmerman directed named Caller ID.

Under the supervision of Professor Adam Whitney (Douchan Gersi), three college students who have known each other since high school take part in a study of psychopathology.

Each student is given a different assignment: Miles (James Duval) is creating and installing monitoring devices, Noah (Nathan Bexton) is assessing horrific case studies, and Dale (Denny Kirkwood) has to monitor Miles and Noah. Unfortunately, it transpires that Whitney is attempting more than to study human minds, he wants to control them…

…Caller ID: Entity is a sadly very slow. The problems with this film are nearly endless and suffer under the weight of a pyramid of troubles all built upon a flimsy, poorly-developed script. The main characters of Miles, Noah and Dale are never properly introduced…” Cryptic Rock

“There are some neat ideas in there, and, if you want to give it multiple viewings, you could probably piece together a story, but it’s so tangled as to be nearly incoherent. It winds up feeling something like a conspiracy thriller, except that the conspiracy seems to be Whitney alone, and he doesn’t seem to have any aims other than being creepy.”, February 10, 2010

“The fact that everything shown here is based on real accounts gives you plenty to think about, while I feel the editing and way this was shot works well. A bit of downtime to have a breather from the chaotic events would have helped.” The Rotting Zombie

Cast and characters:
James Duval … Miles
Nathan Bexton … Noah
Denny Kirkwood … Dale
Peter Greene … Admissions Counsellor
Triton King … Tristan
Douchan Gersi … Adam Whitney
John Cho … Kama
Carrie Hayes … Cheryl
Will De Los Santos … Mad Scientist
Elissa Dowling … Jeanie
Jennifer Field … Commuter
Anne Girard … Interviewer
Brian Shane … TBC
Roxy Saint … Gemini

Free to watch online:

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