Dark Highlands – UK, 2018 – reviews


‘Not everyone in Scotland is friendly’

Dark Highlands is a 2018 Scottish horror feature film written and directed by Mark Stirton. The Hats on Sticks production stars Junichi Kajioka (Spectre), Steve Campbell and Mike Mitchell. Brian Cox provided brief narration …



A Japanese artist visits the Scottish Highlands to paint, but becomes the target of a sadistic killer. Alone, suffering from exposure and hunted, he must find a way to survive…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …a splash panel prologue suggests there is some supernatural element to the Gamekeeper who pursues his quarry at one inexplicable remove, taking him down each night with a tranquilliser dart and even erecting his tent. There’s all sorts of weirdness going on here, lifting what could easily have been a formulaic thriller into gripping, scary, mind-scrambling horror territory.” British Horror Revival

“Either despite or because of its goofier scenes, though they do not make for the smoothest viewing experience, it is a rather strong horror film. The film keeps up a good pace, particularly once ‘Iteration Two’ starts. Plus, the music helps build up the tension and atmosphere, along with the direction and the performances on hand.” Cryptic Rock

Cast and characters:

  • Junichi Kajioka … The Artist
  • Steve Campbell … The Gamekeeper
  • Mike Mitchell … Ghillie
  • Michael Grant Clark … Rescue Worker 1
  • Brian Cox … Opening Narrator
  • Aria Morrison-Blyth … Female Student
  • Fraser Napier … Male Student
  • Jane Nyokabi … Nurse
  • Lucy Philip … Female Hiker
  • Alistair Ritchie … Male Hiker
  • Faustas Talacka … Rescue Worker 2
  • Barry Thackrey … Jogger
  • Mark Wyness … Driver



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