MUERTE: TALES OF HORROR (2018) Reviews and overview

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Muerte: Tales of Horror is a 2018 American horror anthology film directed by Christopher Ambriz (Dark Blood) from a screenplay co-written with Michelle Banks and Rocky Ramon.

The movie stars Maggie Stubbins, Andrea Guzman, Ashley Lopez Delagarza, Michelle Banks, Michael Jay Anthony Salinas, Eric Lee Delagarza and Tara Allen.

Dorky wannabe witches Spencer and Celine plan to take revenge on a former lover they unknowingly were dating at the same time.

Now they are seeking “special items” for a spell from a mysterious woman named Ophelia.

Meanwhile, Carter’s sidekick, Zak, is sent to steal a couple of items for a séance at the same shop. While looking around for the items, Zak comes across a strange comic book called Muerte and decides to steal that too.

Soon afterwards, strange things start to happen to Carter, Zak and their friends as they start to read the stories featured in the comic book.

The first deals with a sin-eating El Cucuy looking for one of his bad “kids” that got away from him so many years ago.

The second is about a date with a vampire that goes horribly wrong.

The third is about a vanity mirror given as a housewarming gift that turns into a soul-sucking mirror from hell. And in the final story, we find out who unleashes all the evil…


Muerte: Tales of Horror is a very well made independent film that is enjoyable. With characters not so annoying or lame writing of dialogue, each story brings a nice touch to lead up to the actual finale. I highly recommend watching and supporting this film, I do believe it’d treat everyone who loves anthologies. It may seem dark at times, but you got to ignore it and realize this is not a Hollywood film.” Everlasting Hauntings

“I was really impressed by the make-up effects and the way the creatures looked. They pay tribute to the creature features of the late 80s and I respect that. Overall, Muerte: Tales of Horror is a dark anthology that is best enjoyed with the lights off. The stories are nothing new but they do have a good bite about them.” Horror Society

” …the film is rather original and it is entertaining – though stitching the bits together feels a tad confusing. The gore effects are well done for an indie production but many of the actors are somewhat stiff and stagy (exceptions notwithstanding) […] Tightening up the story connection and some stronger performances would have pushed this upwards, as would slicker cinematography.” 5/10 Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Cast and characters:
Mario Aguilar … El Cucuy
Tara Allen … Cristina
Michelle Banks … Misty / Dead Girl #2
Berna Bazan-Towns … Ophelia (segment “Pen” “El Cucuy”)
Mya Bolster … Mya (segment “The Date”)
Sylvia Bolster … Sylvia (Segment “The Date”)
Kimberly Cardenas … Chloe (Segment “Mirror”)
Aileen Corpos … Marie (segment “The Date”)
Liz Creme … Beth
Laura Criser … Party Girl (segment – The Date)
Ashley Lopez Delagarza … Ashley / Celine (segment “The Date”)
Eric Lee Delagarza … Zak
Joli Emory … Young Ally (segment “El Cucuy”)
Edward J. Espino … Rick
Priscilla Fernandez … Ariana (segment “Mirror”)
Jessica Lee Golden … Lori (segment “The Date”)
Vanessa Guerrero … Mom
Andrea Guzman … Holly (segment “Mirror”)
Kailey Morgan Hamauei … Kay Lee
Celeste Torres Herrera … Vanessa (segment “Mirror”)
Ronny Holiday … Dr Menard (segment “The Date”)
Peter M. Howard … Guy (segment “The Date”)
Priscilla Iden … Ally (segment “Cucuy”)
Rianna Kristine Kirkham … Nicole
Matt Korkmas … Lance (segment – Cucuy)
Katie Loftin … Katie (segment “The Date”)
Will McCann … Matt / Lance (segment “Pen” “The Date”)
Rocky Ramon … Ryan (segment “Mirror”)
Michael Jay Anthony Salinas … Carter
Eric De Los Santos … Roy (segment “The Date”)
Eddika Shestko … Dead Girl #1 (segment “The Date”)
Maggie Stubbins … Spencer
Josie Valdez … Grandma

Filming locations:

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