DEATHCEMBER (2019) Reviews and overview

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Deathcember is a 2019 horror anthology feature film comprised of twenty-four short films about the dark side of the festive season, by twenty-four directors from around the globe who deliver merry tales of Christmas terror and holiday horror, ranging from classic scares to black humour to sci-fi to splatter. Their shorts are connected by animated sequences.

This animated frame story takes you on a wild ride through the world of a demonic Advent calendar that acts as a portal to the netherworld, with twenty-four doors that open to twenty-four different visions of Hell.

The filmmakers are:

Ruggero Deodato
Lucky McKee
Trent Haaga
Julian Richards
Pollyanna McIntosh
Jason Rostovsky
Jurgen Kling
Annika Marx
Dominic Saxl
Chelsea Stardust
Remi Frechette
Andreas Marschall
Isaac Ezban
Milan Todorovic
Lazar Bodroza
Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon
John Lynch
Ama Lea
Lee Sang-Woo
Michael Varrati
Steve De Roover
Sonia Escolano
Vivienne Vaughn
Bob Pipe
Florian Frerichs
Sam Wineman
BJ Colangelo and Zach Schildwachter


“With more lumps of coal than appetizing treats, Deathcember doesn’t stuff a consistently thrilling stocking […] I won’t say I don’t recommend Deathcember. But considering the draining effect of its dragging length, I don’t recommend watching it all in one sitting, no matter how much mulled wine you have at the ready.” Culture Crypt

“Of course, because there were so many different stories, there were also some mixed feelings, although there were only a few times that it didn’t necessarily work for me. These misses were easier to overlook because each one lasted a matter of minutes […] Deathcember is a fun holiday anthology, full of diverse voices from all around the world that has something for everyone.” Killer Horror Critic

“There is plenty to enjoy here, ranging from supernatural creatures like vampires to more gritty, realistic horror. Some dour, rather depressing segments are balanced with other installments that boast dark humor and clever twists. Deathcember truly offers something for every flavor of fright-fare fan.” The Scariest Things

Technical details:

145 minutes


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