Deathcember – USA, 2019 – preview

Deathcember is a 2019 American anthology horror feature film comprised of twenty-four short films about the dark side of the festive season, by twenty-four directors from around the globe; they will deliver merry tales of Christmas terror and holiday horror, ranging from classic scares to black humour to sci-fi to splatter. Their shorts will be connected by animated sequences.

This animated frame story takes you on a wild ride through the world of a demonic Advent calendar that acts as a portal to the netherworld, with twenty-four doors that open to twenty-four different visions of Hell.

The filmmakers who will be directing the segments are:

  • Ruggero Deodato
  • Lucky McKee
  • Trent Haaga
  • Julian Richards
  • Pollyanna McIntosh
  • Jason Rostovsky
  • Jurgen Kling
  • Annika Marx
  • Dominic Saxl
  • Chelsea Stardust
  • Remi Frechette
  • Andreas Marschall
  • Isaac Ezban
  • Milan Todorovic
  • Lazar Bodroza
  • Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon
  • John Lynch
  • Ama Lea
  • Lee Sang-Woo
  • Michael Varrati
  • Steve De Roover
  • Sonia Escolano
  • Vivienne Vaughn
  • Bob Pipe
  • Florian Frerichs
  • Sam Wineman
  • BJ Colangelo and Zach Schildwachter

Deathcember is currently in production. A release is planned for early 2020, or possibly even by December 2019.

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