ALONE IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT (2017) Reviews and overview

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Alone in the Dead of Night is a 2017 American horror film co-produced, edited, photographed and directed by Matty Castano (1 Dead Party) from a screenplay co-written with Kristine Trsek [as Kristine Castano]. The Beast Mode Pictures production stars Katie O’Hagan, Nicole Dambro, Tammie Bergholdt and Justen Naughton.


Mallory, a depressive, pill-popping, heavy-drinking art student with a knee injury, must survive the night in her apartment when she is haunted by evil, malevolent beings. Or is it all just in her head?


Alone In the Dead of Night is sharply written and the special effects are incredibly well done, considering the budgetary scale the production crew had. It doesn’t happen too often, but this film made me genuinely uneasy […] The film was a really refreshing surprise, and you should definitely check it out.” Lorry Kikta, Film Threat

“Virtually nothing of real interest happens in the first half, with the excitement only kicking in around the 45-minute mark. Fortunately, what follows is scary and involving enough to make the lengthy build-up seem worth the wait […] Faced with the daunting task of performing solo for a good chunk of the film’s running time, Danish actress Bergholdt, a striking physical presence, is more than up to the challenge…” Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

” …just for the sheer horrific joy of the final act, this film is definitely worth checking out. You just have to sit through the first hour or so. That eerie vibe is an amazing accomplishment for a low budget flick. Had this film been shorter, and all the fat been trimmed, an easy four stars.” IndyRed

“It takes almost two-thirds of the movie’s running time until Mallory’s personal demons (in every sense of the term) really begin to emerge. The preceding hour is filled with a lot of not-bad improv and angst-ridden reaction shots — all just watchable enough to hold the audience’s attention until the monsters arrive.” Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

Cast and characters:

  • Katie O’Hagan … Marax – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard video game (voice of  Mia Winters; 1 Dead Party
  • Nicole Dambro … Gwen – The Axiom; Pitchfork
  • Tammie Bergholdt … Mallory
  • Justen Naughton … The Bald Man
  • Kristine Trsek … Wailing Wendy [as Kristine Castano] – The Uninfected 2
  • James Hollis III … Stocking Head / Chuck
  • Robin Biets … Echo of Evil – Blood Reservoir

Running time:

95 minutes

Film Facts:

There is a post-credits scene.

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