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‘In the future there is nowhere to hide’

Division 19 is a 2017 British-American science fiction dystopian thriller feature film written and directed by S.A. Halewood. The movie stars Alison Doody, Linus Roache, Lotte Verbeek and Clarke Peters.


  1. Jails have been turned into online portals where the public gets to choose what prisoners eat, wear, watch and who they fight. So successful is Panopticon TV, it is about to be rolled out to a whole town, providing subscribers even more choice.

When the world’s most downloaded felon escapes, the authorities set a trap to reel him in. The bait is his little brother who has so far managed to avoid detection…

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” …the small cast sometimes makes it difficult to get a full feel of the scope. But in spite of her scrappy means, Halewood shows a remarkably steady hand, creating a cohesive vision of the future and shooting it with style to spare (particularly in Hardin’s final flight, presented in sweeping widescreen and scored by Morriconic strings).” Boston Hassle

” …built around the sort of pre-internet thinking where one thing available on one of the limited number of outlets dominates the conversation […] does use its digital effects budget well, creating a future dystopia that looks pretty good, but it never manages to fill that world with compelling characters or stories.” Jay’s Movie Blog


District 19 is released by Uncork’d Entertainment in theaters and available on demand from April 5, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Alison Doody … Neilsen
  • Linus Roache … Charles Lynden
  • Lotte Verbeek … Aisha
  • Clarke Peters … Perelman
  • L. Scott Caldwell … Michelle Jacobs
  • Will Rothhaar … Nash
  • Toby Hemingway … Barca
  • Jamie Draven … Hardin Jones
  • Daniel Newman … Businessman
  • Tim Jo … Alden
  • Ashton Moio … Dale Peretti
  • Anthony Okungbowa … Martins
  • Michael Alexander … Outcast
  • Jonathan Stanley … Jaden
  • Jennifer Soo … George

Filming locations:

Detroit, Michigan
Los Angeles, California
London, England

Technical credits:

93 minutes | colour | 2.35: 1

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