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‘This house needs blood

Twelve Pole Manor – formerly Twelve Pole – is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film photographed, edited and directed by Sam Hodge (Glam short) from a screenplay co-written with executive producer Travis Robinson. Hodge also supplied the soundtrack score.

The Cinesavage Films production was co-produced by Kevin Winn Ford and Charles Perera and stars Joshua Adkins, Hannah Ruth Boyles, Travis Robinson, Jeremy Blankenship.


A group of friends buys an old house in Wayne, West Virginia, with the intention of flipping it to make money. The problem with this particular house is its unforgiving need for blood…

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“The kills don’t offer up anything new or anything we haven’t seen before. However, what we do get is unforgettable. Overall, Twelve Pole Manor starts off rather slow but kicks like a 12-gauge once we hit the last portion of the film. You come for the supernatural horror film and stay for the gore.” Horror Society

“The films quality can probably be summed up by saying it’s an allegory of its protagonists intentions […] Thumbs up from me though, while the film is rough round the edges, it’s an enjoyable watch.” Deano Peppers, Poop Culture

“Since the gruesome parts of this movie are so well done and many of the scenes in between are weighed down with lackluster static shots and awkward, stilted dialogue, I honestly feel that this would be far better if it was trimmed down to a short film. At 20-30 minutes Twelve Pole could be a visceral, kick-ass ride…” Sick Flix

Twelve Pole Manor was released on DVD in the USA by Wild Eye Releasing on July 16, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Joshua Adkins … Will
  • Hannah Ruth Boyles … Claire
  • Travis Robinson … Paul
  • Jeremy Blankenship … Jerry
  • Shannon Ramey … Steve
  • Sam Hodge … Mark
  • Brittany Hensley … The Red Witch
  • Johnny Herman … Jake
  • Brittany Nicely … Beth
  • Tyler Adkins … Shadow
  • Taylor Johnson … Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Evan Hubbard … Electrician

Filming locations:

Wayne, Fort Gay and Dunlow, West Virginia

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