FOLLOW (2015) Reviews and overview


‘Love never dies. Even when it should.’

Follow is a 2015 horror thriller feature film written and directed by Owen Egerton (Mercy Black; Blood Fest; writer of The Axe Murders of Villisca). The movie stars Noah Segan, Haley Lu Richardson, Don Most and Olivia Grace Applegate.


Just before Christmas, painter Quinn (Noah Segan) wakes up with a gun in his hand and finds his unbalanced girlfriend Viv (Haley Lu Richardson) shot dead. Uncertain of what happened, Quinn panics and tries to work out what to do next as his life spirals out of control…


” …seems to be set up as a serious meditation on obsession and rejection, foreshadowed by a quote from Anaïs Nin. But once Quinn wakes up in the middle of his own private hell, it quickly slides into a less caustic and more character-driven EC Comics morality tale.” Austin Chronicle

” …has a predictably great lead performance from Segan, but otherwise this is not terribly compelling stuff. While Richardson does what she can, the writing makes it virtually impossible for Viv to be anything other than a “crazy girlfriend” character […] The tone is frustratingly inconsistent, and a lot of the humor is uncomfortably mean-spirited.” Daily Grindhouse

“Ultimately, Follow elicits more moments of frustration than intrigue, but only because the promise of a greater examination is disappointingly unrealized. While the film is certainly not a terrible one, is it unfortunately not the most memorable one either…” Dread Central

“I was pretty blown away by many of the elements in this movie. My one critique is that this feature film does feel a bit like an amazing short film that has been turned into a feature film. It’s not boring or too long – at only 1 hour and 14 minutes – but it does feel a bit repetitive at times.” Heaven of Horror

Main cast and characters:

Noah Segan … Quinn
Haley Lu Richardson … Viv
Don Most … Mr Reynolds
Olivia Grace Applegate … Thana
Merik Tadros … Ren
Dennis Nicomede … Homeless Man
Marc Chicoine
Southern Longoria … The Boy
Bob Schneider … Pete
Rex Chicoine
Gareth Egerton … Bar Stud

Filming locations:

Austin, Texas

Technical credits:

74 minutes


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