ZOOMBIES 2 (2019) Reviews and now free to watch online


‘They’re not just deadly… they’re dead!’

Zoombies 2 is a 2019 American science-fiction horror feature film directed and co-edited by Glenn Miller (Santa Claws; The Coed and the Zombie Stoner; The Bell Witch Haunting). The Slightly Distorted Productions movie stars Jarrid Masse, Ashley Alva, Brandon Baker and Adam Meredith.

The film is obviously a sequel to Zoombies (2016), also directed by Glenn Miller.


Poachers break into an animal reserve to hunt the animals. However, one of the poison darts they use contains the formula from the first movie, unleashing a second animal zombie virus attack. The surviving poachers and park staff to have to work together to survive…

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“The CGI for the killer animal attacks are about on par with the first movie – some shots are pretty decent but most are below what you would expect from a modern Asylum movie, however that’s also understandable as there’s quite a lot of CG effects work that needs to go into a movie like this…”  Jeffrey Long, The B-Movie Shelf

Cast and characters:

Jarrid Masse … Toronto
Ashley Alva … Layne
Brandon Baker … Vedder
Adam Meredith … Ford
Jaime Nungaray … Al
Himanshu Prasad … Rod
Peter Stickles … Isaiah
Terra Strong … Jezel
Erica Sturdefant … Brooke
Caleb Thomas … Logan


Full film free to watch online: