Bornless Ones – USA, 2016


‘Only evil will survive’

Bornless Ones is a 2016 supernatural horror feature film written, edited and directed by Alexander Babaev, making his feature debut. The movie stars Margaret Judson, Devin Goodsell (Bloodsucka Jones), Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf), Mark Furze, Bobby T, and David Banks.


Having just moved to a remote cabin home near an institution to better care for her brother Zach, who has spastic paraplegia, Emily invites close friends over to help her unpack. They soon discover strange symbols etched into the boards on the windows.

In an effort to clean the house they clear them away, soon realising the gravity of their mistake as they one by one become possessed by an evil force…


Bornless Ones was distributed in North America by Uncork’d Entertainment in theaters and VOD from February 10, 2017.



“It’s a hell of a lot more “Evil Dead” than the Evil Dead remake (which I was not a fan of) and this movie really had me in from the start. It does help that it wastes no time at all, no sooner had they all moved in and the shenanigans began. Alexander Babaev has done a great job…” Kevin Haldon, Nerdly

Bornless Ones has more dramatic depth than the average chiller, and while it sticks to the familiar to satisfy expectations, there are a few intriguing additions of guilt and frustration to gift the production a fingerprint. Babaev has inspired moments and a tremendous love of the genre, and his enthusiasm helps to keep Bornless Ones entertaining, disgusting, and spooky.” Brian Orndrof,

“The kills here are quite bloody and backed up with lots of good old school practical effects. The abundant and creative gore effects are one of the things that really helps set the film apart […] While Bornless Ones doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking there are enough interesting twists to keep it from seeming too familiar. And it certainly delivers on scares, atmosphere and gore.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony


“Some viewers may enjoy this rehashed concept, others won’t. Bornless Ones may not be the film of choice if originality is fundamental. If enjoyment is sought watching unfolding carnage then Babaev’s film is a good selection. Bornless Ones brings Horror to supernatural Horror. Amazing practical effects and well-composed atmosphere awards this film worthy attention.” Ken Artuz, Decay

” …on one hand is extremely successful at keeping one guessing, and on the other it brings the really morbid element into play that to survive you might have to kill your friends […] Now combine this with a very dynamic directorial effort and very solid acting from all involved, and you end up with a very cool piece of horror, actually!” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“By using the affliction of cerebral palsy in one of the main characters as both a critical crutch and conduit to heal, no real larger attempt to address the congenital disorder is made, nor is it dismissed, and therefore an opportunity to tell a deeply divergent horror tale is set up for target, but ultimately missed.” Jake Dee, Arrow in the Head

“Babaev doesn’t skimp on the gore either, with some excellent mostly practical FX that are very inventive and fun […] Tightly directed and well-written, with great performances and some outstanding violence, it’s well worth a watch for horror lovers.” Elliott Maguire, UK Horror Scene


“The film offers a number of hair-raising and blood-curdling scenarios. Also, the interplay between the cast is often believable, increasing the film’s realism (outside of the medical attention). The demonic takeover is a little too quick, diminishing the characters’ efficacy. However, director Alexander Babaev has created an enjoyable demonic world, here.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later Analysis

“The movie may not inspire revolutionary fires anytime soon. But as far as standard cabin-in-the-woods creepshows go, Bornless Ones is one of the better-acted and most efficiently executed productions out there.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt


Other titles:

Goetia – working title
Haunted House on the Hill – Malaysian title

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California
Pine Mountain Club, California (cabin)

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