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‘They’ll be expecting you.’

Family Reunion is a 1989 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Michael Hawes. The Bullseye Entertainment Group production stars Mel Novak, Pam Phillips , John Andes and A.J. Woods.


A family on Christmas vacation visits a desert ghost town called Sutterville, where a massacre had been committed forty years previously.

Unfortunately, they discover they had something to do with it. Meanwhile, the local police arrests a mysterious drifter…

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“The biggest problem is that the writing is dull and the plot is extremely predictable. About half the movie seems to be the family standing around outside talking and the scenes at the police station with Clarence using his powers to cause various problems are far more interesting and entertaining…” Justin McKinney, The Bloody Pit of Horror

“This toned-down horror flick is so subtle that it features no gore whatsoever, the body count is rather low and the few deaths that actually happen onscreen are so restrained, that Family Reunion could be easily endured even by the most faint-hearted.” Milo Jeeder

“Why they chose Christmas when they weren’t really going to utilize it fully, I guess we’ll never know. The nature of the villain is also a huge question mark. He’s by all accounts a Satanist, however, he dresses somewhat like someone of the Amish faith would. I’m not sure if this was some type of social/political statement on the part of the filmmakers…” Oh, the Horror!

Cast and characters:

  • Mel Novak … Tom Andrews
  • Pam Phillips … Kathy Andrews
  • John Andes … Henry Andrews
  • A.J. Woods … Billy Andrews
  • Kaylin Cool … Erin Andrews
  • Brad Kelly … Mel
  • Ken Corey … Clarence
  • Victoria Hirsch … Young Woman
  • Summer Packer … Little Girl
  • Jessie Watts … Young Tom Andrews
  • Ed … Young Henry Andrews
  • Richard L. Hawkins … Lew (as Richard Hawkins)
  • Janet Lee Orcutt … Bronson
  • Lyle Kanouse … Little
  • Cliff Burson … Janitor
  • Daniel H. Friedman … Skinhead (as Daniel Friedman)
  • Lucy Michelle … Hooker
  • Jack Starrett … Charlie

Filming locations:



The working title was Terror in Sutterville

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