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Originally released in 2011, ANOC productions unleashed the ultimate version of the original Bunnyman film by director Carl Lindbergh on April 19, 2019. The “New” Director’s Cut is titled Bunnyman: Grindhouse Edition and features never-before-seen footage. The film has also been re-edited, to show Lindbergh’s truest vision of the film. Its release is timed specifically for Easter!

Director Carl Lindbergh: “What initially started as a simple idea of doing a director’s cut of the film, evolved into a full remake of the film. The original Bunnyman was completely recut with approx. 50% of the film being new footage (incorporating deleted scenes, new VFX etc.), and the score was completely redone. These changes go way beyond a simple directors cut, however it’s not an entirely new film either. When revisiting the film, we realized there was much more we could fix than initially anticipated. These changes make Bunnyman: Grindhouse Edition the definitive version of the original Bunnyman film. The film was remade in the spirit of grindhouse/exploitation films of the 1970’s.”

Here’s our overview of the original Bunnyman movie:

Bunnyman is a 2011 American horror feature film written, directed and produced by Carl Lindberg. In Britain, it was released as The Bunnyman Massacre.

Sequels by Lindberg, Bunnyman 2 (2012) and Bunnyman Vengeance (2016), followed.

Plot (contains spoilers):

After showing 8mm footage of a woman being killed, the film switches to six friends who are driving through a desolate area when they find themselves being harassed by a truck driven by a man in a rabbit costume, who refuses to communicate with or show himself to the travellers when he forces them to pull over and parks behind them. After an indeterminate time, the costumed man drives away and kills a woman he was holding captive.


Eventually, the Bunnyman returns and causes the group’s car to crash, killing Jack a short while later when he rams the vehicle from behind as the man is working underneath it. The remaining five proceed to travel on foot, encountering a deranged hillbilly (whose home is surrounded by inverted crosses and bags of bones) and a woman and a man, who advise them to seek shelter in a supposedly abandoned cabin nearby, saying they will return for them after a trip to the hospital (in reality, the two are disposing of the bodies of some of the Bunnyman’s victims). En route to the cabin, two of the quintet spot the Bunnyman and he kills one of them, Jennifer, with a chainsaw…


” …the narrative also turns out to be uniquely boring and nonsensical. For one, the main characters spend most of BGE wandering through the woods, arguing, or engaging in drawn-out (and ultimately meaningless) conversations with strangers. In the few moments when actual suspense comes a-knocking, it resorts to plot turns that feel forced, implausible, and at times downright silly.” Film Threat

“The movie wasn’t terrible but it didn’t do anything enough to separate from the endless pack of slashers out there besides having a unique looking killer. It needed more gore and there were too many “oh come on” moments to make it really good.” Horrorphilia

“This movie literally has no plot. None of the characters are given a back story or motivation and none of them are properly introduced or even have generic horror movie roles such as the jock or the bimbo … a shitty movie around that flawed premise.” Bloodcrypt


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“Yep, dude in a sh*tty bunny costume chasing people around the woods with a chainsaw and all you get for gore is some blood spray. No severed limbs or guts falling out or decapitations. Nothing but blood spray. I get it, you have a small budget but that is no excuse to make a shitty film. It was poorly shot, the sound quality was more than atrocious and last but not least, it just didn’t make any sense.” Twisted Central


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