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‘A terrifying true story’

The Haunting of Winchester House is a 2009 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Mark Atkins (Monster Island; 6-Headed Shark Attack; Knight of the Dead; Halloween Night; et al), based on a story by Jose Prendes.

The Asylum production stars Lira Kellerman, Michael Holmes, Tomas Boykin and Kimberly Ables Jindra. The film was shot in 3D.


A family moves in to look after the Winchester mansion for a few months and soon find themselves terrorized by vengeful spirits. With the help of a paranormal investigator, they’ll unravel the mystery of the house…


” …the FX on the house were at times ghastly, but the ghosts/zombies/bad guys were horrifying, inventive and gruesome, truly the things of nightmares […] A good scare, this one, and more importantly, a good film, too.” Committed

“Primarily set over one night, the film really at times is quite atmospheric and cranks up the tension with some clever low tech effects created in-camera. Ghosts move around the background and are helped by some good sound effects which at times is quite creepy.” Den of Geek!

“There’s a few instances of WTF? when footage is sped up for no reason, and the acting and dialogue are par for the course terrible. There’s some successful sound design, I’ll say that, and a few sequences are genuinely creepy. Still, the dark figure walking quickly through the frame jump scare is used about 14 times, which is 13 and a half times too many.” Final Girl

“Atkins’ jumps are all tiresomely borrowed ones – red herring taps on people’s shoulders, an endless array of peripheral figures moving through the background of shots, shapes moving under sheets/quilts and so on. The score’s constant lurking, shrieking and lunging becomes overhyped in the endless attempts to generate atmosphere so much that it creates none at all.” Moria

“There might actually be a good film in Haunting of Winchester House somewhere, but it isn’t in the film as it was made. Still, though a 98% failure for a low budget horror film, it is, for an Asylum film, a literal masterpiece of ghostly horror.” A Wasted Life

Cast and characters:

Lira Kellerman … Susan
Michael Holmes … Drake
Tomas Boykin … Harrison Dent
Kimberly Ables Jindra … Sarah Winchester
Patty Roberts … Haley (as Barry Womack)
Jennifer Smart … Annie
Rob Ullett … James Clayhill
David McIntyre … Officer Cooper
Savannah Schoenecker … Margo Hunter
Sari Sheehan … Jessica Lloyd
Rya Meyers … Marlene
Mitch Toles … Blind Ghost (as Mitcheal Toles)
Jefferson Wilmore … Civil War Ghost
Frank Weitzel … Gunshot Ghost
George Michael Lampe … Nasty Ghost
Gregory Paul Smith … Faceless Ghost / Redneck 2
David Hendrex … Ghost
Sarah Hendrex … Ghost
Kimberly Trew … Girlfriend
Joey Ruggles … Redneck 1

Filming locations:

Singing Springs, Angeles National Forest, California
Woodbury-Story House – 2606 N. Madison Avenue, Altadena, California

Technical details:

86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1
Audio: Stereo


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