IT COMES aka KURU (2018) Reviews and overview

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It Comes is a 2018 Japanese supernatural horror feature film about a supernatural entity threatening a family directed by Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions) from a screenplay co-written with Hideto Iwai. It is based on the novel Bogiwan Ga, Kuru by Ichi Sawamura.

The Toho-Geek Sight production stars Junichi Okada, Haru Kuroki, Nana Komatsu, Takako Matsu, and Satoshi Tsumabuki. The original Japanese title is 来る and Kuru.


Convinced that a supernatural force is threatening his wife and their two-year-old daughter, Hideki reaches out to a writer specialising in the occult, and his clairvoyant girlfriend, to rid himself of the entity named Bogiwan…


“Typically for Nakashima, a visual and narrative maximalist, the film is horror as relentlessly busy extravaganza, crammed with everything from wordy explanations to a blizzard of visceral shocks […] The sensory overload, amped to the max in nearly every scene, flattens the shocks as numbness sets in.” The Japan Times

It Comes devices a long list of plot twist mechanisms—including anagnorisis, analepsis, peripeteia, red herring, non-linear narrative, false antagonist, to name a few—simultaneously and enticingly in one grand, long-winded horror that demands full attention.” Sinekdoks

Cast and characters:

  • Junichi Okada … Kazuhiro Nozaki
  • Nana Komatsu … Makoto Higa
  • Satoshi Tsumabuki … Hideki Tahara
  • Haru Kuroki … Kana Tahara
  • Takako Matsu … Kotoko Higa
  • Munetaka Aoki … Daigo Karakusa
  • Taiga … Shigeaki Takanashi
  • Rie Shibata … Setsuko Osaka
  • Aijyu Shida … Chisa Tahara
  • Kentez Asaka … Papa tomo
  • Hikaru Ijûin … Store Manager
  • Miho Ninagawa

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